What would happen if you had grown up on an island, and never had any contact with anyone else human? Would you adopt an animal's language? If you did, then what would happen? Please leave constructive critisism and like if you like it. Thanks.


4. Bombs

Without warning, they rain down on me. There is a loud thud in the middle of the night that causes me to wake with a start. This is shortly followed by an explosion of some sort. Another crash, one by one, the bombs fall. My heart starts thudding so hard in my chest I actually think it might burst through my ribcage. I read a book once about bombs. They often have a fuse attached to them and once lit, you have precisely five seconds to get the hell out of there.

More bombs, they are getting closer now. So close. Before I know it, they are on my house. Before I know it, the explosion comes...

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