This story is from the point of view of a young child, basically looking at otherwise normal things and showing how a young child would find them. This is Dedicated to my nephew, Ryley :)


1. Just a taste of the story :)

He wonders around seeing things in crisp, vibrant colours, everything is full of life, everything is new. He has nothing to worry about, nothing to darken or infect his fragile, young mind. Oblivious to any danger, no sadness and nothing that can stand in his way. He is fearless. He has a stable and loving family who will pick him up when he falls down and who strive to protect him fiercely from the dangers he cannot understand are there.

He is a young boy, sheltered and loved. From the moment he opens his clear blue eyes in the morning, until he closes them in the evening, he doesn’t stop exploring, moving and learning. That particular morning when he loped outside, it began to snow. He could see the tiny white pieces of fluff flowing gently and slowly to the grown to form a soft looking white blanket. He held his small, soft hands out and attempted to capture the little white flakes, he was mesmerised as the snow in his hands melted and disappeared.

He moves and acts as a newly born fawn would, stepping confidently with sure footing, however, not completely balanced or stable. He is innocent and vulnerable but learning constantly and slowly growing into the person he will become.

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