Passion (15+)

When the 16 years old girl called Emily, decided to go for a trip to Brighton, UK, with three of her best friends, she didn't imagine running into a guy that would change her life completely.
Their plans had been; Partying, flirting, having one night stands, and just enjoy the life as a teenager, with no parents for the whole summer.
But when she met him at a festival one night, her life turned upside down, and nothing would ever be the same...
She fell head over heels in love with him, but didn't realise how bad it was until it was too late.
That's what happens when you fall in love with 19 years old, Zayn Malik.


34. You da one

Zayn's P.O.V - some hours later: 


I grabbed her left hand, filling the empty space between her fingers, out with my fingers. She squeezed my hand a bit, but kept her eyes on the stars. I had a turned on cigarette in between my lips, and took a puff of it, while holding it between my forefinger and my fuck finger/long finger. I breathed the smoke all the way down in my lungs, and then I took another puff, just not all the way down. This time I blew out the smoke, that made a little smoke cloud in front of us. She laughed a bit, and rested her head against my biceps. "Would you mind letting me take a puff?" She asked, I turned to look down at her, but she wasn't looking at me. It didn't really look like her to smoke, but whatever, if she wanted to try. "Sure," I pulled out the cigarette, and handed it to her. This time she looked at me, "Thanks," She took the cigarette, and placed it between her lips. Damn, she looked sexy. Not that it was a turn on when girls were smoking, I didn't care, but there was something about the way that she stood with the cigarette between her lips, that made me go crazy, just like when she was cooking, only wearing undies and one of my oversized t-shirt, that was a turn on to me as well. I knew that it was weird, but I couldn't change it. She took a puff, breathed in deep, probably all the way down, cause when she gave it back to me, she coughed a bit, making me laugh. "Not used to it?" I asked, and held her hand even tighter, liking the way that I felt like she never would slip out of my fingers, "Not really, only tried it one tine before..." She mumbled, and looked up at me, right into my eyes. "When?" I asked, and bend down to kiss her hair. "When I was 13, or 14," She answered, making me raise my right eyebrow, "Hmm.." I didn't have much to say, so I kept quiet. I pulled the cigarette back in between my lips, and kept gazing deep into her chocolate brown eyes. "Damn, you're stunning," I mumbled, still with the cigarette in my mouth. Her cheeks turned red, and stood up on her tiptoes, kissing my cheek, "Only because of you," She whispered. I didn't really understand her answer, but I took it as a compliment. "YOOO! You guys, come and join the fun!" Niall screamed as he ran out the glass door, out on the wood terrace that we were standing on. "Haha, no thanks Nialler," Emily laughed, and turned to look at him. He was definitely drunk. The effect from the alcohol had left the most of my body, but I could still feel a little feeling of being dizzy, when I fast turned around or something. "Boohoo! Come ooon," He pulled his lower lip out, making me laugh a little. "You're drunk Niall, go back inside and have fun," My voice was filled with happiness, just to be feeling her hand in mine, while having the boys around made me even more happy than I ever could've imagined. "And you're not! I'll bring you guys something!" Before we got to protest, he clumsy stormed inside, tripping over his feet in the door, and fell right on his face. I burst out laughing, and so did Emily, but only cause he fast made the 'thumbs up', to show us that he was fine, then he crawled back inside, being helped up on his feet by Jennett. I turned to look at the beach, down the hill. The water was black, and the stars reflections made it seem like a fairytale. We stood there in silence for some minutes, before Niall came wadding outside, with a bottle of vodka in his left hand, "Cheers!" He screamed and placed the bottle on a white stone table, "To the freaking weekeeeeeend!" He shouted even louder, and Emily squeezed my hand while watching him. "Only vodka?" I asked, and tried to look disappointed, just for fun. "Can't you drink that without coke? Hmpr. You're such a girl!" Then he turned around, but had to grab onto the edge of the stone table, to keep himself from falling. Emily turned to look at the ocean again, and I turned to look at her, "Want anything?" I asked, and meant the vodka. "Why not?" Her answer pleased me, but I sadly had to pull my hand out of hers, making her turn to look at me, with a little smile. I was so happy that she came into my life. I couldn't even describe the feelings that she gave me. I walked over to the table, grabbed the bottle, and then I walked back to her, "The ladies first," I said, and handed her the bottle, full of something looking like water, just a lot stronger. "Haha," She grabbed the bottle, and removed the lid. Then she moved it up to her lips, and took a sip of it, but that one sip turned into another one, and then she drank of it. Like water, until I pulled it away from her, "Don't you think that you've had enough?" I asked with a flirty smile, and knew how her throat was burning right now. She just coughed again, cause of the vodka, and then she rolled her eyes, and smiled a cheeky smile. This time I drank from the bottle, like she had been drinking from it. She was giggling, and slowly placing her hands on my chest. Making me stop drinking, and place the bottle on the ground. She really got me losing my mind, my heart was beating uncontrolled. I knew that she could feel it, and in that moment I bend down and gently kissed her lips, they were tasting of cigarettes and alcohol. 

I guess you and I, found love in a hopeless place. 

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