Passion (15+)

When the 16 years old girl called Emily, decided to go for a trip to Brighton, UK, with three of her best friends, she didn't imagine running into a guy that would change her life completely.
Their plans had been; Partying, flirting, having one night stands, and just enjoy the life as a teenager, with no parents for the whole summer.
But when she met him at a festival one night, her life turned upside down, and nothing would ever be the same...
She fell head over heels in love with him, but didn't realise how bad it was until it was too late.
That's what happens when you fall in love with 19 years old, Zayn Malik.


9. Where did you go?

Zayn's P.O.V:


The beach was huge, and up to the sidewalk there were plenty lot of small shops, that were selling strawberries, accessories, fruit, turist stuff, hats, and a lot more. Niall was happily kicking to the sand with his feet, while eating a HUGE soft-ice. My eyes were running around on the beach, searching around in the crowd, for some messy brown hair, that stopped on the middle of the back, or maybe just for a pretty face, no... Just for her pretty face. Niall was wearing a hat, one of those cowboy hats, which made him look quite adorable. It was much hotter today than English summer weather used to be, and that's maybe the reason why the beach was filled with people, and that meant fans too... We got surrounded by a lot of girls, and a lot of pretty girls too, and even though some of them were prettier than Amanda, they couldn't compare in my eyes. Some of the girls were crying, and screaming, fangirling. Others were just being cool, asking for pics, hugs and autographs. We gave all of them what they wanted, except kisses, only on the cheek. While standing in the crowd of girls, I looked out on the beach, and saw a bone white dress, with colorful flowers on, and some messy brown hair, to the middle of the girls back. The girl was holding high heeled some sandals in her left hand. She was small, and walking with a blonde curly girl, one with light brown straight hair, some hotpants and a light blue t-shirt and one with light brown hair as well, wearing some knee long shorts, in beige, and a white tanktop. I stared after the girl as she threw her sandals in the sand, and placed her feet in the sea. Her girls were sitting in the sand on a blanket, while she stood all alone in water to her ankels. Niall saw where I was looking, and he lighted up in a big smile, "Do you think?" He whispered, and the girls kept on talking to us, and pulling at our clothes. "Maybe..." I whispered back. We fast wrote the last autographs, and then we said that we were in a hurry, and that we sadly had to leave. When the fans finally let us go (not that I thought they were annoying, not at all. I loved each of them), she wasn't there anymore. 

My mind went spinning, and there I stood on the beach, staring at the place I had seen her before. If it was Amanda, I didn't know. I just hoped so, but why on earth should it be her? I sighed. "Come on, aks her girls." Niall said, being really positive. 

"I don't know... It probably wasn't her," I shrugged my shoulders, and my voice was low and sounded tired. I had to face the fact that she actually was gone. "Oh man, come oon!" Niall grabbed my arm and pulled me in the direction of the girls. I bit my lip, but then I finally walked up the them. They all looked at me, and one of them pulled her hand up to her mouth. "Oh my god!" She mumbled, and jumped up from the blanket she was lying on. She was a bit taller than Amanda, not a lot, just a bit. It was one of the girls with straight light brown hair. "Eeeh... Hi. May I... ask you a question?" I stuttered. "Of course! I can't believe it's you. Zayn f'ing Malik. Unbelievable." She looked totally amazed, and paralysed. I just laughed a little. The two other girls were just staring at me, with open mouths. "The girl that was here some minutes ago-" I didn't get to finish my sentence, before the girl I was talking to pointed at the sidewalk shops and said, "Up there.". 

"Well oh... thanks? But another question?" I was looking up at the shops, but couldn't seem to find her in the crowd. 

"Yeah sure." 

"Her name?" 

"Emily, she is called Emily," When the girl said that, my heart shrank even deeper, even deeper than yesterday. My heart stopped beating for a second.

"Thanks. I just wondered. I thought she was someone else, thanks for the help," I smiled at her, and turned around. Niall just shrugged his shoulders like 'sorry'. I did the same. 

"It wasn't her?" He asked when we were walking up to the shops.

I shook my head, "Wrong name."

"I'm sorry,"

"Don't be. It's stupid of me, right?" I said, while running my fingers through my hair. 

"Yeah, a little." 

We decided to check out the shops, and stood for a little while looking at some weird summer hats, and one pretty cute country hat, for girls. "Do you think it would fit me?" I asked, and put it on, while posing. Niall laughed and punched my arm. "Ouch!" I said, and pushed him a bit. When his eyes froze, looking over my shoulder. "Niall?" I asked, and put the hat back. "Turn around..." He whispered, and I did. 

A girl, same height and dress as the girl in water was standing beside me. I couldn't see her face, since it was covered behind her hair. I shook my head at Niall, but kept my eyes on her. She was standing right beside me, and her perfume smelled good, and sweet.

"How much is this hat?" Her thin fingers grabbed the hat that I just threw, and to the sound of her voice, my heart skipped a beat. She ran her fingers through her hair, and now her face was shown. I was paralysed.  

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