Passion (15+)

When the 16 years old girl called Emily, decided to go for a trip to Brighton, UK, with three of her best friends, she didn't imagine running into a guy that would change her life completely.
Their plans had been; Partying, flirting, having one night stands, and just enjoy the life as a teenager, with no parents for the whole summer.
But when she met him at a festival one night, her life turned upside down, and nothing would ever be the same...
She fell head over heels in love with him, but didn't realise how bad it was until it was too late.
That's what happens when you fall in love with 19 years old, Zayn Malik.


55. Ronan

She didn't say a word, she just turned her eyes away. She felt ashamed. "Emily.. please," my voice was probably not sounding as strong as I wanted it to. The back on my right hand caressed her left cheek, but she kept on looking away. "Don't go back there again.. I beg you!" The tears in my voice was showing more than I wanted them to. I could hear her swallow, "I... I'm afraid I don't have a choice... " She whispered, and placed my hand on mine, that was on her cheeks. She slowly moved my hand away, and turned to look back at me again. I looked like one big question mark, that was probably why she told me the reason, with me even asking. "He... he owns me, Zayn," Her eyes were empty, like her thoughts were far away. "What did he do to you?" I whispered, and could feel a mix of anger and sadness grow in my tummy. She bit her lip, trying to figure out what to say. "Don't lie, tell me the truth... please," I moved my eyes on her body again, her neck, her right shoulder, her left hipbone, her jaw line. Why hadn't I noticed before now? "I can't..." Her answer didn't make me any happier, actually it made me even more upset. What had he done that could be so bad? I turned to look into her eyes again, trying to search for the secret she kept away from me. Then it hit me... Those suction mark and bruises didn't come from beating, not only. "HE RAPED YOU?!" I didn't mean to yell, but I couldn't help it. Her eyes turned redder, and even though water was running down her, I could see tears escape her eyes. I pulled the shower curtain aside, and stepped out. "W-where are you going?" She stuttered, when I grabbed a towel, dried my body, pulled on my boxers, my black jeans and a white t-shirt. The anger was sure building in my chest. "No, Zayn! Wait!" She shouted after me, as I opened up the door, and stormed out. I found her phone on her bed, and I didn't hesitate by grabbing it. Damn, it was locked. What would usually be Emily's password... I tried some numbers, then I pressed 5683, which spelled out LOVE. It unlocked. It hit me how well I knew her. "Zayn!" Her voice came from the door behind me, I turned my face and looked at her. "What are you doing with my phone?" She whispered, and I could see fear build in her eyes. She was only wearing a little white towel. I didn't answer her, I walked up to her. I didn't do anything, but gently pushing her out of my way, while not hurting her. I stormed down the stairs, "NO ZAYN! ZAAYN!" She screamed after me, and I could hear her run after me, but I was faster out the door than she was, and soon the night welcomed me, with a cold breeze and shining stars. I slammed up the door into my black range rover, and jumped in behind the wheel. "WAIT!" Emily shouted, and I turned my head, and saw her standing in the door, looking so scared that it made me feel bad. I scrolled down the window, "What?" I asked, and tried not to let her change my mind. "I should talk to him... N-not you," She was right, but that wouldn't be safe for her. She knew what I was thinking, "What about that you drive me, and I talk to him, and if anything happens I call you? Please, Zayn... Please!" How fragile her voice sounded, and how beautiful she looked when she stood there in the door, wearing nothing but a white towel, made me give up. I sighed, and stepped out of the door. "Get dressed, I'll be waiting," I gave her a sign to hurry up. I locked my hands around my neck, and leaned my head back. What was I actually doing? The stars were shining extremely bright, but they didn't make me feel any better. I remembered that night, sitting on the terrasse, holding Emily's hand, watching the stars, while I had a cigarette between my lips, and she her head on my shoulder. When the door opened again, she was wearing some long skinny jeans, and a v-neck t-shirt in grey, that didn't show too much. Then her vans, and a leather jacket.

I parked the car on the road where she had told me that he lived, "I'll go in and talk to him.. You'll have to drive away," She said, and stared out of the window. I knew that the way she tried to look strong, only was a try to let me get away, so nothing would happen to me. I nod, and she jumped out. Then she looked at me, I backed a little with the car, and started driving down the road, but when I could see her walk inside, I drove back, and turned of the car, outside his house...


Emily's P.O.V:


His cold eyes met mine...

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