Passion (15+)

When the 16 years old girl called Emily, decided to go for a trip to Brighton, UK, with three of her best friends, she didn't imagine running into a guy that would change her life completely.
Their plans had been; Partying, flirting, having one night stands, and just enjoy the life as a teenager, with no parents for the whole summer.
But when she met him at a festival one night, her life turned upside down, and nothing would ever be the same...
She fell head over heels in love with him, but didn't realise how bad it was until it was too late.
That's what happens when you fall in love with 19 years old, Zayn Malik.


5. Not letting you steal me away...

Emily's P.O.V:


Letting him take me home was a mistake, and I first realised that by now. When he was sitting on the couch with his arm around my shoulder, after eating the breakfast. Just being in his kitchen, making breakfast, made it all feel a little more serious... But I had to remind myself all the time that it only was a joke, he didn't want me, in any way, he was just interested in my body. Wait, really? I was resting my head on his shoulder, but when it hit me that he only was using me, I felt ill. That feeling that you get, when you realise that nothing is what you wished it would be. I looked up at him, and met his smiling eyes, while he kissed me forehead again. Forehead kisses used to mean a lot, but I guessed that to him, it was just a game that he played. "Maybe I should leave soon..." I whispered, trying to push myself in the right direction, and not letting him steal my heart away. Liking him this much was already bad enough. He opened up his mouth, but closed it again. It took some seconds for him to search for the words inside his head, before he said something, "Why?" Only one word, but with a huge meaning. I just didn't understand, why he asked why.


Zayn's P.O.V:


When she told me that she had to leave soon, something deep inside of me wanted to protest, but I didn't let it get through. I kept it inside of me. That's why I just asked her why. "Because I don't wanna waste your time..." She answered, and smiled, but I wasn't dumb, her smile was as fake as Snooki. "You're not! I like your company!" I said, shit! I wanted to take back the words, so badly. They hurt my pride pretty much. I was playing the game right now, and wasn't allowed to let my heart get involved. "Really?" She whispered, and her smile turned a bit more real, I could tell by the way her eyes lighted up. I nod, but didn't say anything, afraid of saying something that I wasn't supposed to. We were cuddling for a little while, with closed eyes, and I was happily breathing in the smell of her shampoo. After some minutes, I opened up my eyes, and found myself with my arm around her, and some way too personal feelings spreading in my tummy, they felt like... butterfli- No, impossible. I had to let her go before this got too personal. We cleaned after the cooking, and ended up having a suds fight, running around after each other, throwing suds at each other. She squealed, when I wrapped my wet arms around her waist from behind and span around with her. Then I dipped her hair in the sink full of soap water, "Zaaayn!". I laughed and let her go, then she threw some water over me, and when we were done, she was again sitting on the desk with her legs around my waist, and our foreheads resting against each others. The floor was full of water, but I didn't mind at all. Her hair was wet, and full of soap, and she was shining cause of the water and soap on her body. While standing face to face, nose to nose, chest to chest, and..... I wasn't going to say heart to heart cause... Cause of the promise I made myself. While looking deep into her eyes, we were moving a bit closer, and she leaned her head just a little to the side. We were so close now, both closing our eyes... 


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