Passion (15+)

When the 16 years old girl called Emily, decided to go for a trip to Brighton, UK, with three of her best friends, she didn't imagine running into a guy that would change her life completely.
Their plans had been; Partying, flirting, having one night stands, and just enjoy the life as a teenager, with no parents for the whole summer.
But when she met him at a festival one night, her life turned upside down, and nothing would ever be the same...
She fell head over heels in love with him, but didn't realise how bad it was until it was too late.
That's what happens when you fall in love with 19 years old, Zayn Malik.


18. Can't keep my hands off you. (WARNING: Sexual scene)

Emily's P.O.V:  

Some hours after we arrived in Helford, and I had met the boys, and Danielle and Eleanor. They were so beautiful, and the atmosphere on the camping place, was just amazing. All of the boys were happy, just joking and fooling around. And we had fixed our tent, Zayn and I, the sun was going down. It happened fast, and the darkness started to close down around us. Danielle and Liam started a fire, and we all sat down by it. I really started liking the boys, maybe more than I was supposed to, but they were just simply amazing. Danielle and Eleanor were amazing as well. While sitting around the fire, with its red and orange flames, that made the cold afternoon, feel hot, I was wrapped up in Zayn's arms. I didn't remember last time I felt as happy, as I did at that moment. The boys were laughing, and Harry was being perverted, which made Niall crack up laughing, all the time. His Horan laugh, was adorable. Danielle was lying on Liam's lap, while laughing at the boys, and rolling her eyes. Eleanor was holding Louis' hand, while he caressed the back of it, with his thumb. The stars were shining bright, and the moonlight and the flames was the only light we had. Zayn's breath on my neck, gave me shivers, making me want him in a weird way. I just knew that I didn't want to have sex with him, before we got home, cause everyone would hear, if we had sex in the tent, and that was my worst fear. While my mind was leading my back to last night, back in Jennett's aunt's house, a little smile grew on my lips. But I fast pulled myself out of my daydream, and returned to reality. I could control myself, and I prayed to god that Zayn could as well, cause I didn't want to end up screaming his name all night, afraid that the boys would hear. After all I didn't know them very well, and to me it would be really awkward.

After a long time, while just cuddling with Zayn, and being asked a lot of questions, that I answered without hesitating, Zayn's hand started moving up my leg. At first I expected him to stop going up when he was on the middle of my lap, but he didn't. I turned to look up at him, and irritated shook my head. His smile grew a bit, and it turned from innocent, to dumb and lusty. I knew that I wanted him, just as much as he wanted me... But I didn't want him in this place. His hand went up under my dress, and fast checked to see if anyone noticed. Happily they didn't. They were all caught up in a conversation about their last tour, and about Danielle's new dance coach. "ZAYN!" I hissed, with a low voice, not to make any of the boys, Dani og Eleanor to hear me. He just shook his head, and went further up. This time I grabbed his wrist, trying to pull his hand away, but I couldn't. He was a lot stronger than me, "Please? Not now!" I begged him, really trying to make him understand that it wasn't the right moment. "Schyy! Remember yesterday? On the beach. I told ya, I would get my revenge!" He laughed a little, without loud, and I again fast checked to see if anyone noticed. Still no one did. I was still panicking. But before I could do anything, his hand was touching my undies, and his smile grew even bigger, "You're soaking wet..." He laughed, leaving me blushing. "No, I'm not!" I protested, but knew that it was no use. Before I could do anything else, two of his fingers made their way up, making me gasp. Niall turned to look at me, "Everything's alright?" He asked, with a smile. I wanted to say something, but when Zayn started adding speed, I weren't able to make a sound (except from gasping), so I just nod, and faked a smile. Niall shrugged his shoulder, smiled back, and then he joined the conversation again. I looked at Zayn, really wanting to push him away from me, but I couldn't. His smile was proud, dumb and so lusty that it drove me crazy. "Zayn, get away from me!" I snapped, almost whispering. He was teasing me, making me go out of my mind. While wanting to tell him to pull out, a moan passed my lips, without me allowing it to. Zayn's smile turned even bigger, when pleasure ran through my body, leaving me biting my lip hard, not to moan out loud. When he pulled out again, my legs were shaking, and I rested my head against his chest, trying to catch my breath, while not letting the others notice. He leaned closer to me, and whispered in my ear, "I'm the pirate, you're the princess. Okay?" It wasn't a question, but I still nod, fast. He licked his fingers, while he winked at me. "I fucking hate you," I cursed at him, and pulled him away from me. Then I stood up. "Guys, I'm quite tired. Please forgive me, but I'm going to sleep." I said, while faking a smile. "Goodnight! It was nice to finally meet you!" Liam said, and the others agreed with him. Before I marched away, I looked at Zayn, and he just shrugged his shoulders. I cursed his name, without any sound. When I was on my way away from the fire, I could hear Niall ask what happened, and Zayn just laughed and said, "Nothing,". I bit my lip, trying to hold back my tears. It was so stupid of me if I started crying now, cause I didn't have any reason, I just felt like... If they noticed... I would be so embarrassed. I crawled into the tent, and closed it behind me, then I sighed loudly, and fast wiped my eyes. How silly of me. I opened up my bag, trying to find my night clothes. I didn't know what Zayn had packed, but when I saw the underwear... I cursed him even more. The lace underwear. The ones that looked best on me. I rolled my eyes, trying not to care. I had to change my undies, I knew that, but I first pulled of my dress, till I was sitting over my bag, only wearing my bra and undies. Then I found the night clothes... The silky dress? Oh gosh, that boy was insane. Still I knew it would be freezing to only sleep in my underwear, even though the thin nightdress wouldn't help a lot, I still decided to put it on, after changing my undies. My bra ended up in the bag, cause it wasn't exactly comfortable to be sleeping with a bra on. There was two mattresses on the floor, and some duvets, which was quite lux, since I was used to sleep in camping blankets, when I was sleeping in a tent. I was still sitting on the 'floor' in the tent, when someone pulled the zipper down, and I knew that it was Zayn that crawled in. I didn't even bother looking at him. Still I could feel his smile. "Hey baby..." He said, but I ignored him. He sat down beside me, and placed his hand on my back, "Don't be mad, you deserved it...". He was right, I did. But I didn't imagine him ever doing it in front of anyone else. He leaned closer, and kissed my neck. My weakest spot. Neck kisses, and neck sucking. I closed my eyes, trying to control my smile, cause I didn't want him to know that I was all crazy about neck kisses. I knew his weak spot, but I didn't want him to know mine. "I'm not mad..." I mumbled, but still I pulled away from him. "You're just not thinking about the consequences," I kept on mumbling, while crawling away from him, and up on the mattresses. They were lying so close that you could call it, one mattress. He grabbed my wrist, making me turn around and look at him, "I am not done with you yet..." His voice was soft, sexy, and his Bradford accent... Driving me mad. I had to fight not to get all dizzy. "I think I've got what I deserved," I said, and kept my pride. "That's not what I'm talking about. I am done with my revenge, now I just want you...". He moved closer to me, making me crawl a bit back. He placed his hands on my chest, and gently pressed my down in the mattress. I fought not show how much I wanted him. I bit my lip, and turned to look away from him. "Look at me," He insisted, and I turned back to look him in the eyes. "Tell me what you want, okay? I'll do anything," His smile was so hypnotising, and the offer he made was hard to resist. Anything? The smile that I had been holding back appeared on my lips. Making him smile even more. He was still waiting for my answer, "Let me please you, for once," I said. "Haha, no.. except that. I'm the pirate, baby," His hands started moving up my body, pulling the nightdress, I just had pulled on, off. 

"I want it your way, like when we met...". He raised one of his eyebrows, "That was quite rough, sure you can handle that?", "Fuck off, just do what I say!" My smile was staring to grow as well, and I could feel the lust spread in my body.  "I like your attitude.." He bend down, and pressed his lips against mine, hard and with passion. His tongue made it's way into my mouth, and his hands made it's way up to my breast. Damn, that boy was really good at what he was doing. 

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