Passion (15+)

When the 16 years old girl called Emily, decided to go for a trip to Brighton, UK, with three of her best friends, she didn't imagine running into a guy that would change her life completely.
Their plans had been; Partying, flirting, having one night stands, and just enjoy the life as a teenager, with no parents for the whole summer.
But when she met him at a festival one night, her life turned upside down, and nothing would ever be the same...
She fell head over heels in love with him, but didn't realise how bad it was until it was too late.
That's what happens when you fall in love with 19 years old, Zayn Malik.


49. Bruised and scarred

Zayn's P.O.V:


"So Liam, who are you inviting?" I asked, while we searched for some things to buy for his birthday party, on google. "Friends, I guess. My family party will be the weekend after," He said, while scrolling down, and reading through some stuff. "Friends?" I asked, wondering if that meant Emily as well. He just nod, "Yeah, you guys, Jake, Dean, Ann, Emily, probably Clara, cause you know she've got that thing going on with Hazza, and she's sweet, and so on,". I nod as well.


Emily's P.O.V:


"Ronan, I beg you. Don't do this, please. You don't know what yo-" Again he interrupted me. "I know exactly what I'm doing, and I'm doing it now, and right here!" He hissed, and then he roughly pushed two of his fingers inside of me, making me cry out. His smile was too much to bear. How could he smile, when he knew how much this hurt me? - Mentally and physically. I bit my lip hard, but a sniff still escaped my lips. He started going faster, curling his fingers inside of me, but there was no way that I ever could be able to enjoy it. I hated myself more than anything, at that moment. I blamed myself, blamed everything I was. 

I remembered it all, every little detail. Even when he actually showed himself into me, making me scream out, with tears running down my cheeks. I remembered the way he left hickey bruises on my neck, and belly bottom. I couldn't stop the tears, then just ran down, and down to my ears, since I was lying down. I couldn't help but just lie still, without the gusts to fight him. The handcuffs hurt my wrists badly, cause I tried to get my hands slided out of them. 

When he was done... doing what he had been doing, he pulled his pants on, and closed his zipper. He glanced at me, my eyes were probably red and swollen, filled with tears. "You were tight, babe," He laughed, and placed a hand on my inner thigh. I bit my lip, praying that he would stop touching me. "Now get out of my house, but you'll be back tomorrow!" He hissed, while leaning closer to my face, but ending up kissing my neck. I just not, afraid to do anything but do what he told me to.

That night when I left the house, I felt bruised and scarred. Whole my body felt weak, and my eyes were empty and tired.


Zayn's P.O.V:


That night when I crawled in under my duvet, I glanced and my phone, lying on the nightstand next to my big bed. I reached out for it, locked my fingers around it, and grabbed it. Then I unlocked it, finding her number under 'Contacts'. 

My fingers was trembling, what would happen if I called her? Would she be able to meet up with me? After all it was actually not even 11pm. Still I forced myself to put back the phone on the nightstand... 


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