My love poems

A place for all my poems.


4. Down the edge

The edge looked more inviting the nearer I came to it

I looked over the cliff down at the water

the wind was blowing in my hair and the rain pattered against my face

soon I no longer will be anybodys daughter.


I stood a long while at the edge looking down

No regrets now, you've already gone too far

Nobody can save you now

not even a wishing star


I've ruined my whole life with a few words

the ones I once loved is all gone now

they will never come back and it's all my fault

It happened, I just don't know how


It was time to take the step and end this nightmare

I felt the ground dissapering under me and my self falling

On my way down, before I hit the water

I remember my self for mercy and forgiveness calling.

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