Kay-C thinks she is just a normal teenager, but when a mysterious new boy, Seth Harvey, moves to town, everything starts to change for her. She enters on a dangerous journey to try and figure out what is different with Seth, But will she like what she finds? Or will she wish she had just left it alone?



The end of the day couldn’t come soon enough. I had accomplished it. A full day at ‘Mercy Academy’ that is, mostly unscathed. Some teenage girls were drooling over me; they had been following me around like lost puppies for most of the day. It’s pathetic really; these girls will fall for anyone. They only have to look marginally attractive and they will be all over him like a persistent swarm of wasps. Nevertheless, the day had ultimately ended and I was relieved that I was now on my way to leaving the prison. Dad should be waiting outside the back gates which were the opposite direction of the bus bays, where there would be multitudes of students fleeing onto buses and into cars. Just then, the familiar matt black ‘Anderson Germany Aston Martin DBS’ with its black tinted windows came into view, I could just make out my dad’s form tapping his fingers impatiently on the steering wheel. Only a few more yards and I will be able to escape this lifeless prison these humans call ‘school’.

She came out of nowhere, suddenly appearing and halting my departure by clumsily plummeting into me. At first I thought that she was just another one of those obsessed girls faking a mishap, but as I caught her, it was clearly evident that she also was attempting to evacuate as fast as possible. This, however doesn’t appear to be the sole reason for her ineptness. Maybe she is a naturally clumsy person, able to fall over just about anything; air included. The odd thing was that as soon as we touched, an electric current shot through my body, like she was a live wire that I had stupidly touched. I couldn’t help looking into her seemingly plain chocolate brown eyes, but when I looked closely I could see blue, red and purple flecks towards the middle of her pupils. In all of my years I had never seen anything quite like it. Another strange thing about her was that I couldn’t read her, and I am very good at reading people. It was unmistakeable that she was nothing like those girls; she gave off the distinct presence of someone who was doing their best to fit in, to hide who they are and to pretend that they are normal. These people always had secrets; they spend their time learning to conceal the fact that they are different, this I know from experience. But what was she hiding? As I looked more intensely into her eyes, trying to understand her more, she looked away blushing a curiously charming colour of crimson.

“ssorry I erm, ddidn’t see yyou there”

I watched with fascination as she looked at my charcoal black hoodie, attempting to conceal the blush, when the realisation dawned of who I am suddenly came to her. I just remembered that my arms were circling her protectively. Which lead me to swiftly retract them. The emotions on my face exhibited my concentration on figuring her out and the confusion that I felt at being unable to do this. Did she look at me with recognition? I had rearranged my expression into one of anger, it was the best I could do, she had completely caught me off guard. I had to get away from her. Fast. Or I was going to do something I knew I would regret.  So I hurled:

“Well, watch where you’re going next time.”

At her, attempting to apply a severe tone of anger into the comment and speedily left, it was better for both of us if she thought of me as discourteous and uncouth. At least this way she should be bright enough to stay away from me. I could see my dad, looking disapprovingly out of the window of the car and knew instantly that I was in for a lecture. Fantastic.

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