Kay-C thinks she is just a normal teenager, but when a mysterious new boy, Seth Harvey, moves to town, everything starts to change for her. She enters on a dangerous journey to try and figure out what is different with Seth, But will she like what she finds? Or will she wish she had just left it alone?



Just as I had originally thought -Prison- and I was stuck in here for a whole day. The teenagers around me have been constantly talking about my ‘mysterious’ arrival- So much for ‘no attention’- I told dad that he shouldn’t send me to a small school, it’s common knowledge that a new arrival is rare and therefore is always talked about in gossip! Why does he never listen to me? But never mind, I now have to attempt to push through the immense mob of students as they reluctantly make their ways to their next lessons on time. All I have to do is make it through the day, the month and then the year. I can do this. Maybe.

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