Kay-C thinks she is just a normal teenager, but when a mysterious new boy, Seth Harvey, moves to town, everything starts to change for her. She enters on a dangerous journey to try and figure out what is different with Seth, But will she like what she finds? Or will she wish she had just left it alone?



School is the same wherever you go; dismal, monotonous and full of people desperate for acceptance. It’s even worse when you have eternity to appreciate it, knowing that for the rest of your dreary, dragging and drawn out life you have to continue attending school. Anyway, today was my first day at ‘Mercy Academy’ -ironic I know- and I had to keep reminding myself to remember the rules. No attention. No friends. After all, dad said if we can make it through another few years unnoticed then ‘The Others’ won’t be able to track us down, we will finally be free. I was entering the school now, although it looked more like a prison. I could find the necessary exits, should I need to get out fast. I put my hood up and prepared myself for the tedious day to come, heading for the reception area.

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