Kay-C thinks she is just a normal teenager, but when a mysterious new boy, Seth Harvey, moves to town, everything starts to change for her. She enters on a dangerous journey to try and figure out what is different with Seth, But will she like what she finds? Or will she wish she had just left it alone?


2. KAY-C

I’m on the bus, on my way yet again to the prison that was called a school. My birthday is coming up and all my friends can talk about is the party I’m supposed to be having. Although in reality I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing for my birthday. I mean what’s the point? It happens every year on a day that just happens to be a school day. Then I have to lug around any gifts that my friends have bought me and nine times out of ten a massive balloon- purely because Jessie seems to think it's hilarious to watch me struggle with it. I bet everyone is jealous of my wonderfully thoughtful best friend right? Not the most exciting thing to look forward really. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the gifts that my friends have bought me or the thought that goes into making the day special (despite the obvious embarrassment factor that is). It just isn’t my idea of a good day. In a way it just reminds me of exactly how many years it's been since the death of my parents. I really shouldn’t have thought that, the dark pit of dread was slowly filling my mind, the flashes, the images, the memories.

“Kay, Kayyyy, Kay-C! Helloooo?” Jessie was practically shouting, waving her hand frantically in front of my face. I had been so lost in thought the 20minute bus journey was over and now Jessie was right in my face, it was clear that she was worrying about me.

“Hey, sorry was lost in thought about my birthday.” I managed to plaster on a big, cheerful but very fake smile, hoping that she and everyone else wouldn’t notice. They didn’t. I guess it’s true, practice does make perfect, then again most of my friends are more self-centred then me. But it’s why we are all such good friends, we’re all different and similar at the same time, it kind of just fits. That and it means they don’t have the time to figure out whether I’m content or miserable, as long as I have a smile glued to my face. Perfect.

At the very moment I thought it had worked, Cary tugged on my sleeve and pulled me round to look at her.

“Kay you know you can talk to me don’t you? I can see something has made you upset.”

The way she looked at me, with her deep-green gold-flecked eyes, was almost like she could see through me. And I suddenly felt like I could tell her anything and everything, after all this was Cary. She wouldn’t judge or give me advice that I don’t need and she would keep it all a secret. That was one of the many reasons that she was one of my good friends, she’s timid and kind but can be so funny and is such a good listener. As I opened my mouth, something happened. I couldn’t speak. A part of me didn’t want to tell anyone about the fact that I was starting to remember that night. The night my parents died. And that I could feel something happening to me with every flash of the memory, with every detail that came back. I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t. I had to look away to keep her from seeing the pain that I knew was written all over my face and the tears that were inevitable.

“I know I can, but there is really nothing to say.”

I couldn’t force myself to look at her again, so I just walked into my form room and took my seat next to Jessie, who was talking with enthusiasm to Sara about something that I immediately deemed irrelevant so only pretended to listen. It was only when I heard Sara say

“New guy”

That I zoned back in. It pricked my curiosity because we never get ‘new guys’ or any new people for that matter. This is probably because there are lots of better schools around and the only real reason we go to ‘Mercy Academy’ is out of pure convenience, as it’s not too far away from where we all live.


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