What is Fashion

Emma is a ordinary girl no vampires that lure her and no hidden supernatural power she just plain ordinary but instead of caring about the way she looked and fashion.She likes reading and drawing.But when a fashion show is in her school will she enter and win.Read it for the fashion competition.


1. What is Fashion

Emma tired her hair in a messy ponytail and ran downstairs to see her brother Jason using her curler

"What are you doing?"Emma shouted.Jason looked at her and smiled.

"Making myself look beautiful duh but that is something you don't know you should try it sometime"Jason replied curling his blonde hair.Emma looked at herself she was wearing baggy jeans and a long blue t-shirt.She thought she looked OK.

"Whatever"Emma replied slapping her brother on the head and running to eat breakfast.

"Mom fatty hit me"Jason shouted to mom.

"Em stop hitting him,Jason stop calling Em Fatty"Mom shouted.

"He started it"Emma shouted back.

Emma ate two pieces of toast and took her school bag.

"Bye Mom going to school"Emma shouted.

"Bye Honey"Mom shouted.

Emma opened the door and started walking to her school celestial academy.Celestial academy was easy to spot with his bright pink walls.Emma sighed at last she reached her school.She went to her classroom and sat with her best friends Danny and Jess.

"hey guys"Emma shouted.

"Hi Em were having a bet on Miss poshy over there"Dan replied pointing to Mercedes Walker the most fashion craziest and richest girl.

"About What?"Emma asked.

"How many times poshy talks about herself"Jess replied.Emma listened to what Mercedes was saying.

"Daddy bought me a new designer jacket and mum bought me a designer dress and shoes and"Mercedes was saying.

"I won you own me two pounds by tommorow"Jess replied poking Dan.Emma stared at the hottest boy ever Jake Thompson.

"Hey Jake want to catch a movie"Mercedes asked Jake flirting with him.

"Sure"Jake replied as Mercedes walked past him.What did Mercedes have that she didn't?

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