What is Fashion

Emma is a ordinary girl no vampires that lure her and no hidden supernatural power she just plain ordinary but instead of caring about the way she looked and fashion.She likes reading and drawing.But when a fashion show is in her school will she enter and win.Read it for the fashion competition.


6. Modelling

Emma stared at herself in the mirror applying powder and lipstick.Emma stared at the mirror and gasped is that who she really looked like.The stranger on the mirror looked beautiful.Emma couldn't believe this was her.Emma stared again the stranger was wearing a beautiful red dress so not what Emma normally wouldn't have wore.

"And today we have a new Model Emma Jensen"the speaker shouted.

Emma took a deep breath and walked onto the stage. arrgh Emma thought she was getting nervous so many people were going to watch her if she did this wrong she'd lose this oppturnity.

"HEY Emma"someone shouted.Emma turned to see her best friends Dan and Jess.

"We thought we were going to miss seeing you good luck we believe in you its your turn to shine"Jess said.Emma suddenly felt much better.

Emma walked on to the stage and remembered what she was going to do.

walk.....  flip hair.....

blow a kiss.... smile...

and turn..

Emma couldn't believe it she had done it and the audience loved her.

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