A Faint Smile

Won Hyunki is a normal teenager to the untrained eye but when looking past the surface, one would see a broken soul with a very dark and sorrowful past. One bright and warm summer day at school turns everything upside down and becomes all too much for him. The faces of the scornful and spiteful classmates, the reminder of an uncaring cold foster family waiting for him at home, the unbearable flashes of the accident that took his parents life. The memories haunt him, not giving a single moment of peace. There’s nothing left to return for…Nothing.
After a slow fall of darkness and emptiness, he finds himself in an unknown place. A place no normal citizen knows of. It has it’s own rules, procedures, purposes. Strangers wander down the mysterious corridors of the facility. But somehow where Hyunki ended up, has a connection to him, a connection that runs into the deepest part of his past.


1. The Fall


I was so full of everything.

The tiredness weighed down on me like a million tons of bricks.

Carrying the world on my shoulders for so long, I couldn’t do it anymore. I wanted an escape from all the problems on the earth: hunger, war, and from my personal selfish ones, too. No one loved me here, I was sure of that – the most sure I had ever been.

There was nothing left for me.

The wind came soothing with its cold breeze. Today was a bright summer day, school had just finished. It had been the last drop. I couldn’t endure the agonizing pain anymore. No more.

The school-shirt I wore fluttered up; the coldness hit my back and spread itself throughout my whole body. I tipped back and forth on the roof’s edge but held my gaze strictly straightforward.

The following words replayed in my thoughts, one last time.

‘’I shall not care.

For I shall have peace.

As leafy trees are peaceful, when rain bends down the bough.

I shall be more silent and cold hearted, than you are now.’’

With these words, I tried to keep my mind clear and slowly leaned down and let go, of everything. As the seconds passed, blackness filled my mind. I felt the numbness, like a lifeless doll flying through the air. Or should I rather say falling? Nothing I had ever experienced could compare to this. It was like time had stopped, wanting to stretch out the painful moments, not allowing me to have an end. Can’t it soon be over? I groaned inside. As if the thought had triggered something, memories came flooding over me. It was all too overwhelming. Flashes of my parents before they died, my older brother kissing my cheek before leaving for the army, my new class staring at me when I entered the classroom for the first time, our teacher’s worried look when she found out about my past, the tears streaming down my face that one day when Dae-Ho, my best friend, swore that he wouldn’t ever again look at me.

You only bring misfortune to the ones near you…The words echoed, like a slap every single time.

My eyes peacefully closed as life passed by. A hard slam, filled with mind-blowing pain.

And then it all ended.


Peace, at last.



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