Stockholm Syndrome

First place winner of the Apr-May Picture Prompt Competition.

A strange unknown man, with an obsession with capturing attractive girls find his perfect beauty and documents their 'quality' time together. Disturbing and twisted this is the story of forced love through cruelty.


3. First Date

Work was always a collection of human errors and failings of morality. I work as a cleaner at the law courts in town. I learn a lot about how much filth there is in the world; how many poor girls get attacked on a daily basis. It sickens me that such horrible things can happen to such pretty creatures. I guess this is how it first started, how I began to save those girls from terrible human actions. But, a lot like giving a dog antibiotics or applying anti-flea spray to a cat; they don't appreciate you helping them, even if in the end it will be beneficial. I also learnt how to get my 'treatment' away from the prying eyes of law enforcement officers. Handy tips you can't get from just watching C.S.I.
     Going home that day was a rush of my senses. I shrugged off the disdainful 'see you tomorrow' that my coworkers said to me. 'your verbal lies means nothing to me.' I said in my head, just wishing my thoughts would one day grace my lips. I hurried home, jumping though the threshold and slamming the door. "Eric! Eric you home? I'm hungry." My failure of a wife's shouts coming down the stairs. I laugh to myself, she won't be getting fed anytime soon.
      I unlocked my dear sweets chamber and entered silently, creeping down the steps, I did my best to remain undetected. I made my way to my usual stool and gazed at my pet. She had at least stopped screaming and now was curled up in the corner, in the fetal position. There was a smell coming from the box; not the bouquet of youth and beauty that shrouded her supple body the first night we met. But a more pungent one, a smile grew on my face when it dawned on me what it was. 
     Out from the shadows I asked, "Have a little accident did we?" I then scanned her face, searching for that flash of anger and embarrassment that I found so appealing. But she was different, not what I had expected, she had lost her feistiness.
     "I.. I'm sorry. I-I had an accident." Then she started to sob, not uncontrollably, not hysterically, but sobbed deeply. It cut me up inside. I turned on a small spotlight that lay over the top of the box and illuminated the women. Her white dress now stained a rich yellow around her groin. "Why don't I, get you cleaned up, hmm? Then you'll feel much better." She nodded.
      Had I broken her so quickly? Or was she smart enough to know of my true intentions? Was she the one that I had been waiting all these years for? With great excitement I grabbed a bucket from the floor and filled it from the sink I had installed down here, just for this occasion. 
      "I'm going to have to raise the box to clean you. Will you be good?" She nodded again, her head not lifting off the ground, still sobbing. I believed her, this was my folly. I began turning the lever with my spare hand, the bucket and sponge in the other. When the box was finally high enough to walk under, that bitch of a girl ran and knocked me over. I dropped the bucket that I had so lovingly filled and stumbled onto my backside. She then ran up the steps to open the hatch. Silly girl, It was locked and I held the key. I stood, calmly ascended the stairs and encountered the girl at the top. She had realized the trap she was in and had given up struggling. I wasn't going to give her any chances. I grabbed her by her beautiful hair, and threw her down the stairs. Her leg landed badly on the final step and the sound of the break was audible even to me. 
      The women began screaming, clutching her damaged leg. "You're a filthy dirty girl! Aren't you? Aren't you?!" I grabbed her dress and tore it from her leaving her wearing only a bra and pair of soiled knickers. "You disgust me!" she needed to learn who was the boss, like breaking in a dog. You need to show it who's the master. So I grabbed her knickers and removed them from her too, and stuffed them in her mouth. I then lay on top of her, pressing my body down onto hers. The stench of piss nauseating, yet somehow enticing. I could see she was hurting, her eyes screaming at me even if her mouth was too encumbered to express it. 
     "I could take you right... Here!" As I say this I grab her urine soaked groin, causing her to flinch and go rigid. "But I won't, because our love must be kept pure. You will love me, in time. Ill make sure of it." 
I finally stand, and lower the box back down over her. Unfortunately her damaged leg got caught under the weight of the box by accident. I was rushing, I was angry and aroused. I always make mistakes when I get too emotional. Her screams now muffled by the panties in her mouth, I pushed her leg through the gap and refilled the bucket. Once full I poured it's contents down over the top of the box, drenching the girl. "I am sorry about what happened. But you shouldn't have hurt me. If you're good, then I'm good." I was panting now, a mixture of hatred and arousal filling my thoughts. I would do anything right now to break into that box and have my way with her, then dump her body with her predecessors. But that would be a short lived pleasure, like all the others. I needed her to last, to love me, and give herself to me on her own accord. Anything else and it wouldn't be right. "I'll get you some food, that'll cheer you up." at least she had stopped screaming, either out of shock from her broken leg or because, finally, she was beginning to understand. 
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