The promise ( A Justin Bieber Love story)

Hey guys, this is my first story and its about a girl from NY that is going to visit her dad in canada, just at the day where justin is going home to visit his grandparents.. hope u enjoy :D


3. The House

I quikly opened the new message. My eyes flicked over the screen as i saw his name. I missed him, but i knew that this was for the best. Our lovely times went trough my head, as i slowly closed my eyes, stopping the tears from escaping my eyes. Before i knew it i had drifted into a deep sleep.


~ ~

"Wake up, hun" i heard, as i slowly opened my eyes. My dad stood infront of me, and started to smile when he realised i was awake. "where are we?" i suddenly ask, realising we weren't driving anymore. "Home" he says as he send me a big smile and turns around. I get out of the car and look up. The house was huge! i knew that it was expensive but i did'nt think that it would be so big. 

I quikly take my suitcase out of the car, and pull it after me when im hitting for the stairs, leading into the house. I puttet my suitcase down and looked around. The house was really nice, even though that the walls needed to be painted, the floor to get made, and all th boxes standing around to be unpacked. There was much work, and the first thing i decided to do was to find the room that i wanted.

After looking for a rrom in a while, i got to the last room. I opened the door and my eyes widneded. The room was huge! it had a quite big window, were you could sit in. There wasn't any funiture, but i was sure about that i could get more funitures than i had in our old home. 

I got to the window and leaned forward as i looked out. Our garden was small, with a few trees and some flowers all over. 

I runned downstairs, grabbed my suitcase it got it into my room. I started to lay some of my clothes in the closet. It was a big closet, with doors you could opush to the sides. When i was done i got downstairs to my dad. When i got down i couldnt stop laughing.

My dad had been trying to get the paint to open, and when he had opened it, it had been exploding in his face. He had a white'ish face now, and looked like a ghost. This was going to be fun, i thought as a reached out for the paint brush.



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