The promise ( A Justin Bieber Love story)

Hey guys, this is my first story and its about a girl from NY that is going to visit her dad in canada, just at the day where justin is going home to visit his grandparents.. hope u enjoy :D


2. the boy

When My dad and me are done eating we get our stuff. "dad, can you trow this out for me?" i ask him with a smile. "yeah yeah.." he says and takes the plate with the rest of our food and goes to the trash. I stand up, and look at the boy. Now he is sitting alone at the table, and takes his things and goes over here. My heart stops, but i just take my strawberrymilkshake and turn around to take my jacket. In that moment i turn around i bumb right into the boy, and now his white t-shirt was white with strawberrymilkshake on. "omg i'm SO sorry" i say, not looking up in this awkward moment. "its okay, it dosent matter" he says. "but.." i say and just that im about to say something i look up.

"Hey im Justin" he says and smiles. "and you are?" he askes while we are shaking hands. "Im Kaity" i say while i look into his brown eyes. "nice to meet you kaity" he says and smiles with that smile that could kill every person. "Kaity! Im going outside to the car. Hurry a little" My dad says while he is walking to the door. I nod with my head for showing that i will be outside in a moment. "sooo, Kaity well i gotta go, you better get to your dad.. or... I think its your dad.. well.. uhm.." Justin says. "Haha Yeah he is my dad" i say and laugh."awww cute" he says and smiles. "whats cute?" i say and smile. "your laugh" he says and i can see hes blushing.  I smile awkwardly back and look down in the ground, while i take some of my hair behind my ear.

"well i better go out to our car now" i say and smile, while im pointing at our car. "Yeah, wait.. is that your car?" justin askes and smiles."yes, why?" i say and look at him. "I saw you guys driving next to us. You where taking a picture of our bus, and posted it on twitter" he says and giggles. "uhm yeah" i say and smile. "But i better go now justin" i say while im thinking that i should stay here. I turn around and walk to the door, but i dont really want to go and specially not when justin is right behind me. "WAIT" Justin shouts behind me, and runs up to me. I turn around and face justin, who is standing right behind me. "Well uhm.. Wanna write with me later?" he says and smiles. "yeah ofcurse" i say and blush. "right.. uhm see you" he says and steps back. I nod and turn around. I Go out to the car and get inside. "whas that really justin?" my dad says, and turns around so he is facing me. "yeah" i say and smile. "wow" my dad says and starts the car. I turn around to maybe see a climb of justin, but he is out of sight. 

I Think about what justin said, and then remember he said something with twitter. I lock on my twittter and se ethat he has Retweeted me. "Yeah dreams do come true;)" Justin had replyed. "Omg" i whisper. "What did you say?" my dad askes. "Nothing dad.. Nothing" i say while im still looking down at my phone. I was about to go out of twitter when i saw that i've ot a message. "Hey didn't know that you would be on now?:)" Justin had wrote. "Haha, yeah im always on;)" i reply, and go out of twitter to turn on my playlist. Just as i've started the music i get a message. I thought it was Justin but it wasnt.  Well that was part 2 (: Hope u guys liked it! Leave a comment (;

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