Simple Musings on everyday happenings.


2. Poignant memoirs from the Past

Love is a poisoned chalice,

It sets in naturally with an unintended malice.

The heart is  acutely crazy in its calculations,

When it comes to the percent of care in a relation.

When it gets a little care,

It yearns for more share.

When it is given more,

Alas! It pines for even more.

When the original ‘little’ is lost, in remorse,

‘A little was enough’,it dawns in due course.

The sweet memories of the foregone days,

Transits the mind into a joyous phase.

A wonderful feeling worth to be cherished lifelong,

But every escapade is now a muted song.

We shared our tears and laughter,

Enjoyed every sip of life together.

Together, our days were filled with the hues of Holi,

Now the desolate hearts are in constant melancholy.

The love locked hearts are now miles apart,

Carrying haunting memories that would never depart.

In  LIFE, there is no BACKSPACE,

So b4 u breakup, always THINK TWICE.


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