Cello Player

Its a short short I wrote in an hour. My first pathetic attempt at writing romance stories. Realy, please tell me how it is.


1. Cello Player


   *You may either laugh like this :D, or :) at the cuteness of it. whatever happens, you have to also read the end too!!!!!!!




        He plays the cello with proud fingers, bowing his way toward eternal stardom while I stand behind the doorway, trying my hardest not to be noticed by his gentle amber eyes. I watch as he bends over, hugging the instrument like a lost lover, resting his eyelids, and savoring his brilliant creation. The music flows through my ears surrendering my mind to the taste of true life.

        As he dives deeper into his magic, my desire for his music heightens, wanting me to devour his notes and claim them as mine. Using the last of my willpower to control this primal hunger, I clutch my violin tightly, making my fingers bleed.

         The song slowly comes to an end. He had sent me into a realm I didn't even knew existed; where everything has a purpose. Where the sun could shine on the darkest hour. A place where human and instrument are connected, playing each other into a state of perfect harmony. There was no impossible. Only dreams and a realization to make them all come alive

        Suddenly everything snaps back into place, with me staring into his eyes. Before I could escuse myself and bolt out of the room, he points to a chairr next to him and winks. I smile at him, blushing a shade of crimson and walk into the room, preparing for another adventure, not knowing if I'll come back kiss-less, or with my first boyfriend.



         Emily looks at me funny after she finished reading my story. She took a deep sigh and put a hand on my shoulder. "Lily," she says. "Your infatuation with Samuel has gotten way worse. I feel sorry for you."


The End...or is it the beginning?



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