How I Died


1. Fog

Fog. Fog surrounds me, engulfing my view and leaving me weary. I try to brush it away but my skinny, feeble hands have no effect on the smoky, grey environment. Frustrated, I run ahead, desperate to see something, anything at all. I can’t tell if I am moving or not, the setting around me constant. My feet feel light and airy, whilst my head feels heavy and leaded. Underneath me the ground is… gone. There is no sensation under the soles of my feet, only, well only nothing.

This has to be a dream. Just a silly, scary dream. I shall wake up and I will go back to being me. What did people do when they wanted to wake up? Pinching. I grab hold of my arm and pinch it as hard as I can manage. No pain, no feeling, nothing. Frantically, pinching myself again, my body is still completely numb. I bite and scratch my arm desperately, waiting for the tiniest bit of pain to come through. Not a thing.


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