Diary Of A Girl

This is about a girl called Lucy who kept getting abused


1. This Is Me

My name is Lucy Thompson i'm 16  and this is my story.


I had a good life, a loving family I was an only child and a loving mum and dad. It was a great time but then everything changed. It was a bright summers day in the middle of July, me, mum and dad were on holiday and we were driving back home, and then it happened. We were having a great time in the car when a deer just jumped out into the road, my dad being the animal lover he was swerved and went off the road into a forest and hit a tree. I woke up in the hospital with a breathing mask over my mouth and nose, the nurse came over and put her hand on mine.

"Lucy I am very sorry to tell you this but your mum died she had a blood clot and she didn't survive i'm very sorry" the nurse calmly said, I didn't say anything I didn't even cry, the nurse left and I took it all in. A few days later me and my dad were allowed out of the hospital, I went up to my room and sat on my bed, why couldn't I cry about mum dying this wasn't like me.

A few days later I was out in the park at night, I had to get out of the house, dad turned to alcohol and he started abusing me, hitting me, blaming me for mums death, he even locked me in the attic for a day, it was terrible. I hated it, why did he do this to me? I sighed as I walked back home, my dad shouted at me for going out and hit me again. The next day I woke up and put on the same clothes I wore yesterday and I crept out of the house, I went over to the cliffs and looked down at the crashing waves, it was raining, the rain lashed down like bullets on my face I cried out but nobody could hear me, and then I just jumped, the waved just welcomed me like I was a long lost child of the sea, and then everything stopped.

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