Confessions of a Housecarl

Behind every powerful Dragonborn there is a Housecarl standing in the door frame..


2. The Thu um is strong in this one.





I understand why Sinfully gets a horse but the fact she couldnt hook me up with my own horse is slightly annoying. I'll be catching Butterflies, and flora for breakfast then Sin would just gallop off. Twice yesterday a Cave Bear jumped out on us.

Guess who was left behind... me! True Sinfully came back and healed me, but a Bear claw to the groin is still a Bear claw to the groin.

That is a thought, I must make some new hide with the Bear pelts. I freaking dislike Cave Bears. They dont even leave any good meat, just claws. They say Nords are savages but I draw the line at  Bear claw soup.

 We had walked.. I'd walked should I say. Sin was all relaxed on the back of that smelly grey horse.

Sinfully and I  traveled an entire day. We camped by Guldun Rock it wasnt to close to the Giants and their Herd. If you dont throw stones at them or touch their Mammoths, they dont seem to bothered by our presence. I dont wanna say that Giants seem a little too pally pally with the Mammoths, but have you ever seen a female Giant.. I'll say no more.


From our  camp we could see the unique base of the highest mountain in all of Tamriel "Throat of the World" at the top of that  Mountain lived the ancient Greybeards. In this day and age you would think they would of made a sky lift.

 I placed some salted Skeever on a spit roast  and served it with some left over Mead .Sin loved it. For a Dragonborn she so down to Nirn. Sin told me how she almost had her head chopped off than this Dragon flew down and  indirectly saved her.  I dont wanna say she is a nutbar but the story sounds a bit far stretched.But Sinfully Riddling is my Thane and I am sworn to carry her burdens.

Sin is also a bit of a practical joker. In the middle of the night she went down  to Guldun Rock straight into the Giants camp and stole some Mammoth cheese.

She only placed some in my Fur boots. How she laughed. So most of today I've been walking around with cheesy feet. At least it kept the wovles away.


MIDDAS, 13TH MORNING STAR                            National Holiday - MERIDIA SUMMONING DAY


While you celebrate Meridia guess what am doing !? climbing the flipping seven thousand steps up Throat of the World. Some say its a spiritual journey! I say its a complete nightmare. I wish we stocked up at Ivarstead.  We could of slept and eaten there, had Sinfully not pick pocketed one of the guards. The guard was not best pleased and drew his sword. Big mistake. Sinfully  Punched him to death, on the plus side I got some new Steel boots FTD. To avoid any commotion we dumped his body in the river and high tailed it to High Hrothgar were the Greybeards reside .

I have noticed a violent streak in her.  Sinfully destroyed an entire troop of Frostbite Spiders before I had my shield up. Fire bolt  spell cast in one hand, Steel blade in the other. I hate to say it, but I felt bad for em. The last one actually tried to escape. I could see fear in its beady eyes before it got a mouthful of Sinfully's blade. Four Frostbite Spiders dead within seconds I was truly with the Dragonborn.



Its official Saber Cats are the new cave bear. I dislike them like Falmer dislikes washing. Just before Sin and I reached the top of the moutain this oversized Khajit  took a swipe at Sin's horse; Grey Hide. Grey Hide was knocked off the mountain and fell down 456 steps. At each step you could hear a bone snap.  Lucky for Sin she dismounted just as the claw connected with Grey Hide. She dropped rolled and pulled out her Imperial Bow sending five steel arrows into the Saber Cat's  snowy furred face. Any other animal would of died, but no this guy just got angry.

I pulled out my steel shield and Forsworn Sword and charged the  firece beast. I woke up today surrounded by Greybeards . My foolish charge met with a Claw to the groin, But my  diversion allowed Sin to get on the Saber's blind side and stab it through the heart! Granted I've been unconscious for the last four  days.., but thats  a minor detail.

Now I dont wanna sound ungrateful as the Greybeards have been so kind in healing me and feeding me the last few days but boy do they smell, am talking Skeever on heat kind of musk. That aside they have been training Sin in Dragon shouts! or "Thu'um"

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