Breathe my sorrows...

How could god not know! The wisesest man of all *hmf*


1. Here i sit...

Here i sit, as i have always sat. Since the day i died too the day i fly. But since that day where i put my heart. To listen to the sorrows and share my part... I feel there sorrows every time. A person dies or commits a crime. Or even just breaks up and cries just for the heck of it. Even those whom throw there pain away. Plus the sorrows that belonged to me that day. I don't if i can hold out,  to much pain is like a fire you can't out out. Burning and eating your every move, haunting your back through every thought... But i guess this is what i deserve....Or do I? Am i supposed to feel sorry for myself?! I didn't do anything wrong?!


Or did i??

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