The elementals

About 7 kids who control the elements, and have epic battles and near death experiences, and all the rest... There is : Fyona (Air), Hana (Water), Skarlett (Fire), Alex (Life), Nico (Ice), Nutmeg (Lightning), Luka (Earth), and the grand leader... ... ... ... ... ... the master of psychic powers, Lazurei!!!!!!!!!


5. Riding the weird creatures that weren't supposed to exist

It was a griffin. And a dragon, and a sea serpent. "I said get on." The voice said. A swirl of mist seemed to circl them, then paused near to the ground. Fyona gasped as it began to become solid, in the form of a silver pheonix. "Are you not listening to me?" It asked, rolling its purple eyes. Shutting her open mouth, Skarlett replied. "Um... So I should get on one of these uh..." The dragon leaped forwards, chattering excitedly. It nudged her face affectionately, still making its strange noise. Laughing, the girl stroked its surprisingly smooth scales. "Yes." The pheonix sighed impatiently. "The dragon. Get on the dragon. Water girl, on the sea serpent. Airy tornadoey girl, on the griffin. Hurry up!"

"Water girl? Is that the best you can think of? What about calling me HANA?!" She said angrily. "But yeah... I'll get on the serpent." She walked up to the serpent. "Shouldn't it be in the sea?" She asked. Giving her a look that suggested she was slightly stupid, the pheonix replied, "He can come on land as well. Now, get on the serpent!"

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