The elementals

About 7 kids who control the elements, and have epic battles and near death experiences, and all the rest... There is : Fyona (Air), Hana (Water), Skarlett (Fire), Alex (Life), Nico (Ice), Nutmeg (Lightning), Luka (Earth), and the grand leader... ... ... ... ... ... the master of psychic powers, Lazurei!!!!!!!!!


7. Learning to use their powers

The girls and their creatures walked softly into the cave. "Wow..." Hana breathed. Crystals lined the pheonixes cave, lighting it up with a beautiful blue glow. Turning to the entrance, the pheonix screeched again, and the boulder rolled magically back over the opening. "Your names?" it asked, and the three of them told him. "I'm Silva." he told them in his deep, steady voice. "This is my cave - where you will learn to use your powers properly, though you already have started. So then, first I will show you the training rooms. Follow me." Excitedly, Hana followed Silva, her friends at her side. Silva's claws clacked softly on the stone floor as he lead them down the long corridor. "These are your training rooms. Please... enjoy."

An hour later, the three friends were each in their onw training room, using their elements skillfully. Hana - in a small room with a mini waterfall and pond - had a powerful whirlpool around her. She raised her hands, and the whirlpool grew bigger. "Good." The pheonixs voice came from the entrance, and she jumped in surprise. The water fell around her. "In fact, you will be soon ready for your first quest. So will the others. Follow me and I will explain. Come on. It is a very, um, important one." Nodding, Hana followed Silva, wondering what her first quest would be...

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