The elementals

About 7 kids who control the elements, and have epic battles and near death experiences, and all the rest... There is : Fyona (Air), Hana (Water), Skarlett (Fire), Alex (Life), Nico (Ice), Nutmeg (Lightning), Luka (Earth), and the grand leader... ... ... ... ... ... the master of psychic powers, Lazurei!!!!!!!!!


19. Fangs of ice and freezing cold

Nico stood before the white wolf, with it's frost blue eyes and pure white fur. It was huge - he could easily ride it. The wolf suddenly surged forwards, licking his face affectionately. He laughed in joy, grinning at the beautiful wolf as it sat back, tongue hanging from it's mouth. It's breath was cold, but there was no surprise at this - it was an ice wolf, and it was Nico's mount. He turned to Silva, who was watching him meet his new friend. Hana, Skarlett and Fyona were standing beside Silva, talking to each other.

"Good." Silva said. "He likes you. Now, I think you should probably go to your training room - I have almost found the location of the life elemental."

Nico nodded, eager to train to use his ice abilities. He would show Hana that he wasn't just some wimpy little kid who needed saving every second of his life! He followed Silva to his special training room, eyes glinting in joy.

"He's eager." Fyona noted, stroking the griffin's neck. Hana nodded.

"I think he wants to prove to me that he can actually fight." she laughed, as they headed to their own training rooms, ready to improve their skills.

"I don't think he likes it when you have to save him every two seconds." Skarlett agreed, before entering her own training room, fire in hand.

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