The elementals

About 7 kids who control the elements, and have epic battles and near death experiences, and all the rest... There is : Fyona (Air), Hana (Water), Skarlett (Fire), Alex (Life), Nico (Ice), Nutmeg (Lightning), Luka (Earth), and the grand leader... ... ... ... ... ... the master of psychic powers, Lazurei!!!!!!!!!


9. Almost the place where they're going to die

Fyona looked at the old, abandoned mansion in front of them. It was huge and still magnificent, but it was used for nothing more than an entrance for the underground base of the Shadow thugs. She looked at her friends, both with grim faces. All three of them knew the danger of this place. They could die here. Fyonas griffin had picked up on her mood, and was trying to cheer her up by somersaulting in the air. She smiled, but nothing more. They had had no more than two hours of training before they left. The people they would fight had received years of training, and came in numbers. Fyona steered her griffin closer to the ground. "Good boy. Down boy." she instructed softly.

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