The elementals

About 7 kids who control the elements, and have epic battles and near death experiences, and all the rest... There is : Fyona (Air), Hana (Water), Skarlett (Fire), Alex (Life), Nico (Ice), Nutmeg (Lightning), Luka (Earth), and the grand leader... ... ... ... ... ... the master of psychic powers, Lazurei!!!!!!!!!


1. A test tube was all it took

It all started on th last lesson of the day. Science. Skarlett, Fyona, and Hana had just done a really boring experiment with water and bunsen burners and test tubes. Skarlett - who was naturully good with anything hot - picked up the half burnt test tube. Just as the teacher happened to be walking past, as well. "Skarlett!" he yelled angrily. "You were lucky that didn't burn your hand! Put it in your test tube rack RIGHT NOW!" Skarlett smiled apologetically at her teacher. "Sorry sir." She said totally unapologetically, and completely calmly. She turned round and scanned the desk top with her blazing eyes. Sighing, she turned to Fyona. "I nominate Fy to get it." she sighed. Apparently not in any rush, Fyona walked slowly and quietly over to the eqipment. "Oh, just give me that tube!" the teacher bellowed. He reached in beetween Hana and Skarletts shoulders, snatching the test tube. Obviously, he had no idea it was actually capable of burning someone pretty badly... he cried out in pain, accidently throwing it in his shock and agony. Luckily, Skarlett was safely away from it... because the burning hot thing was headind towards Hana...

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