My World War

Anna Marie is a young 12 year old girl living in the times of the world war and how she experiences this world war with her own eyes.Please like/comment and favourite for the Diary competition.


3. I'm losing everything

I look at Shark its been a week since he bombs started.I feel so lonely.Soldiers came today and dragged us into groups of our genders.I know they were going to kill all the male.

A soldier put a gun to my brothers head."No i screamed punching the soldier .

"Please leave him run Shark"i scream.

"I won't not without you"Shark replied.

"We will both die run Shark for me please"i beg kissing shark forehead.Shark runs faster and faster.I breathe a silient relief silent."You stupid girl you will die"the soldier shouts.I take a breath of air and await for my death.I given Shark a life the gun clicks on my chest and i fall in pain.

mom dad save me i think.

And i leave the world.

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