this is my first poem .you will found a very tragic story of ''one sided love'' of a boy ..i got inspiration from my college life. i hope that you will certainly like love plays important part in everybody's life....




My love is so pure,

So perfect & so secure..

that leaving sans you..

i cant endure...

I can make you sure..

that no other girl

will never make me allure..


The reason of this aggression

Is the heat of my passion...

and the strength of your impression

bound me to feel you

in every moment

but the one thing

that now leave this man ....

with cry and shout..

is your your manner of clearing doubt..


too much madness about you..

can you imagine ?

i cant handle this world..

& feel so lonely without you


the feeling that i want to share

are exceptionally rare

you are my first & forever

and of course can go nowhere..


one reason of my puzzle

like facing a loaded muzzle

how to make you believe..

that i'll never ever deceive


cant i detect .

how will you react

on my truely hard fact..

i've never forget you ..

never ever feel smart..

when you were apart..

but now...

you made me numb

sucked my all choices

and leave me without voices..


when all were busy in making setting.

i enjoy your waiting..

i've never seen any face

that forced me to go

in that type of race..


you are dangerously beautiful girl

so can break my heart ..

but listen..

you have the ''the one good choice''

but i've no other choice..and

never ever i will stop dreaming you...


you were.. & will

always in my deep heart

with crying for you....

and hoping for you


that's all

i want to install

in your heart,mind & soul..


to heel my wound

on that ground

prayed you to respond..

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