Hello...nice to meet me.

A series of one chapter diary entries, poems or fictional stories about different aspects of my teenage life, each summed up into less than 1000 words.


7. Unspoken.



Letting Go...

Footsteps echoed through the silent night as a young woman - no older than eighteen - cradling a small infant, slipped between the trees. Her feet moved slowly over the verdant landscape as she surveyed the park in front of her. The faint rattle of the chains used to hold up the swing seats and the creaking of the round-a-bout resonated in the air as the wind bristled lightly and the moon shone down on the once welcoming play area.

Instead of taking her whimpering daughter to the children's playground, Isabelle trudged through the crisp leaves that had descended to the ground from the overbearing trees in the fall weather and reached an old, unoriginal and almost austere willow tree who's leaves had yet to be shed. Cradling her one year old baby in her arms and humming softly, Isabelle sat on the crunchy, brown leaves and looked up at the moon, feeling the same tears she had worked to fight away appear once more. She continued to hum a tune to the simpering child - whose name was Alison - until the soft cries subsided and Alison was sleeping soundly. Isabelle looked down at her daughter, cradling her protectively before taking a deep, shaky breath and looking out at the lake a few yards away from where she was sitting.

"Can you see us Will?" She whispered. "We really miss you. Aly keeps crying and I have to tell her you won't be back but you will, won't you? You won't leave your daughter... she doesn't deserve that even if you hate me. I walked past the dance studio today. Do you remember it there? You snuck in on me once and I made you dance with me. You were awful but I didn't care because...you were willing to try for me and that- that made it all better." Isabelle murmured out to the lake. "Do you miss us Will? Do you even remember us? We can't forget you...I'll never forget you. You're my one and only." She breathed, taking another deep, ragged intake of oxygen to calm her uneasy nerves and prevent any of the forthcoming tears to become exposed. "Forever and always Will. Remember you said that? You said we'd be together forever and always...do you remember?"

After a few moments of the wind whistling cruelly in the silence, Isabelle spoke again in a visibly more frail tone of voice. "Is someone reminding you to take your vitamins every day? Because I'm not there to do it for you anymore, love." She whispered through her tears. "D-do you wanna know what me and Aly did today? We went home and I found your scrapbook that I made for our anniversary...remember that?" Isabelle choked out weakly. "And-- and I showed her your Valentine's gift. I wanted to give it to you on our honeymoon but I can't do that now, huh?" Laughing humourlessly, Isabelle cleared her throat.

 "I bought you a guitar pick. It said 'from Mrs Powell' because I wanted you to remember that I'd always support you in your career and choices." She whispered. "Do you still play guitar? Or did you forget? You should get Michael to teach you. He'd like that." I whispered as I looked up at the stars. "Will? Do you think people have guardian angels?" Deep breath. "Do you think I have one? I hope I do..." She cleared her throat again in feeble attempts to get rid of the burning lump that was blocking her speech. "I used to think you were my guardian angel. I guess I was wrong about that too, huh? People like me don't get guardian angels, do they? But you do...I know someone's watching over you. You deserve a happy life. They'll keep you safe for me because...because I can't."

Once again, her words were met by the flimsy whistling of the autumn wind. Isabelle could feel her chest tightening erratically once she realized, as she did every night, that William was not going to reply.

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