Tom and Jerry

The fun filled comedy with Tom and Jerry with a exclusive diary of Tom.Hope you like it!!!


1. Tom

Tom was tired of playing the cat who chases the mouse but never got the mouse.Tom looked at Jerry running to a mouse hole.That did it he was tired of chasing Jerry but failing.There had to be a way of catching Jerry.Tom sighed and went to watch TV.Tom started at the advertisement.

"Are you the Cat that never catches the mouse then here we have the colopase a special device which you carry so when your chasing the mouse we give you backup and a mouse trap which will catch your mouse and this is free and will be delivered the next day!!!"Tom sighed today was going to be the day.Tom phoned the company and awaited for the next day.

Tom Diary

I'm waiting for tommorow to be finally catch Jerry.Your in for a big SURPRISE Jerry!!Hahaha i will finally catch and eat you and if your reading this Jerry stop looking and get lost run away



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