My Life Series- The Shop window

This is for a competition. >:D


4. Entering.

I woke up as usual, but this time in my own bed! I got up and almost pulled on my usual outfit without thinking. Then I looked at my Fashionista calendar and realised it was Fashion show day! I hadn't found a model to wear the dress so I pulled it out of my wardrobe and put it on. Ellie came in and zipped it up for me. I put the ribbon in my hair and put the pumps on. I was just pinning my hair up and covering myself up with a cardigan and my glasses but my dad stopped me. He took my glasses and cardigan and gave me a small plain shawl, and some contact lenses. He pulled the hair pins out and my golden locks fell onto my shoulders. I looked at him.

'You look prettier like this. Plus that's how your model looks.' I smiled.

I headed for my car but my dad lead me and Ellie to his. The ride was quick. I jumped out kissed Ellie and my dad and walked to school. I saw the fashion show being set up. Wow. The models looked amazing. I found a spare notice board and table and set up my planning, designs and a mini manequin with the prototype on it. Then the judges entered. Rory Mclight, famous male clothing designer, Kate Lease, Famous accesories designer, Louie Spencers famous Artist and Jane Slainer a famous dress designer. I was so excited.

We were soon starting and being called up one by one to model our outfits and have the judges see our tables and displays.

'Hayley Torez, 18, modeling her own dress, The Tie-dye masterpiece!' I walked up the steps and walked gracefully along the catwalk. After that they went to see my table. I was so nervous.


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