My Life Series- The Shop window

This is for a competition. >:D


3. Bullied.

I fell asleep drawing at my desk last night and woke up all stiff. I stretched out and blinked a few times. Biscuits was sprawled across my single bed. I sat up and walked towards my wardrobe. I opened it up and for the first time I actually looked at my choices. I picked out something I've never worn before, a floral pink, yellow and orange dress with skin tights and black boots with small heels. I grabbed my white cardigan and put pins in my har. I snuck downstairs so Ellie wouldn't ask for a lift, grabbed a breakfast muffin and left the house. I saw my car was back from the service store so I got into it.

I arrived at school a whole hour early and ran to the textiles room. I knocked on the door and Miss Drilensky called me in.

'Your here early! Lessons don't start for another hour, you know.' I nodded. 'How can I help?'

'Can I borrow the mini sewing machine? And use some materials? For the fashion show? Please?' she looked at me.

'Of course you can dear. Oh and theres a new tie-dye kit at the back in the cupboard on the left'

'Thanks miss!' I ran to the kit grabbed it stuffed it in my bag, grabbed all the material on my list and headed for the sewing machine.

'You look nice today. I like that dress.' I smiled.

'Really? Well umm I made it.'

'Wow! You're very talented!'

I put the sewing machine in my bag and ran to my locker. On my way three obstacles got in my way.

'Well, well, well. Is that Hayley? My, my, got yourself a boyfriend all dressed up like that?' Leana asked. She was little miss popular and total bully. I shook my head at that last remark and tried to carry on, but her two bodyguards? Friends? They grabbed my arms and held me. 'Don't walk off when I'm talking to you. It's rude. Anyway, I wanted to know if you would be interested in doing my homework every piece I can't do for £10. £10 for each piece that is.'

'Tell them to let go and I'll answer you.' Leana signalled them to back off and I relaxed my arms. I stratigcally headed for my locker slowly so she wouldn't notice. 'Umm how about. No.' Then I ran.

I stuffed it all in my locker. I just locked it as Leana came over and shoved me into the wall.

'No one says "No" to me. Got it?' I nodded. Gee, one of the bodyguards punched my nose. Luckily the school nurse was passing by a few minutes later.

She said I wasn't to do lessons today but instead I could work on my fashion show entry. So I sat in her office with the equipment and started making the dress. Then editing some black pumps I found. I made a hair bow out of a spare yellow ribbon. I went back to the shoes. Hmmm, what to do, what to do... I saw some buttons in a jar the Nurse owned. She saw me eyeing them up.

'Use as many or as little as you like.' I thanked her. I decided to stitch them onto the pumps, odd miss matched buttons. I hadn't even noticed my nose was in a cast.

At the end of the day I packed everything into my portfolio and waited for my dad to pick me up. When he eventually came Leana and Gee were gone.

'What happened!' He sounded super worried. The nurse explained everything and that my nose was broken. My mum was stunned and angry when I said who did it.

'I hope they get in trouble!'

'They will mum'

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