Why do we love each other?

It's like love. But it's not like love at all. It's endless, though it's unrequited too.
Their love is cruel.


1. Why do we love each other?

His gaze annoyed her. He stared at her with a mix of hope and real sorrow. And she did want to reach him with his hand, and stroke him over his hair. Tell him she loved him. But then again. The thought of touching him made her feel sick.

He looked at her. Fell the anger rise in him. He knew his gaze expressed hope, love, and something else. He didn't know what, but he was sure she knew what he felt, though he didn't know it himself. It made him so helpless. He wanted her to tell him what was wrong with him, tell him about his emotions. She said he had them. He just wished he knew them himself. She was so cruel and he didn't like her. But somehow she was the only person he trusted and loved.

They didn't love each other like normal people did. Though both their gazes expressed endless and huge love, and their hands always was entangled in each others. They didn't like each other. She thought he was whiny and annoying, and he felt she didn't even cared about him. Which was both right and wrong. But she needed him, like he needed her.

She was amazed how beautiful he was. How could the outer lie so much about the inner? She was the only one who could sense his emotions, hell, he couldn't even sense his emotions. Everybody thought he was cold and cruel. And he acted so. He had even thrown her into water once. And she couldn't swim. He had looked at her cold while she was drowning, like he didn't even knew what he was doing. And at that time they didn't even know each other that well. She didn't know what had happened, but suddenly he had thrown himself out to her, the sadness all over his face, and had saved her. He had apologized, something she had heard he never did. She had asked what the hell he apologized for, asked what kind of  psyko he was. And when she had asked how the hell he felt about doing this, he had justed looked at her, sorrow all over his face and answered her "I don't know. I don't know what I feel. Can you tell me?" And she had looked at him. They were both wet, and his arms where around her. She felt weirdly safe. She had noded, she had seen who he was. And from that moment they had loved each other.

He needed her so badly. He needed her hands in his all the time. And he knew she needed him. "I know it makes you feel some kind of power." She looked uninterested at him. "What do you mean?" He looked at her. Though he knew she wanted to express hate and annoyance in her gaze, she only had love in it. "It makes you feel powerful, that you're the only person I could ever love, the only person who can tell what I feel. And you know I wish I would know myself." She smiled, a cruel happy smile. "Though you're a monster, you are mine. And you're the only person I could ever love, and I hate you for it. Why can't I love someone normal, someone who isn't a psyko? You can't even tell what you feel yourself. And you need me to tell it." 

They had been together for a year when she announced she was leaving him for another guy. A normal guy, a guy that could tell her what he felt about her, a guy who could tell how much he appreciate her. It had made him sick to see her with another guy. But he had seen the look she gave the other guy. She didn't trusted him. She couldn't tell how he was, and she couldn't read his emotions. She didn't know if he, the other guy, were hers. She had come to him asked him to kill himself. Maybe if he wasn't there, maybe if there wasn't someone to love, where he once was, she could move on and love the other guy. And because he couldn't live without her, he had tried. But when he sat at the bathroom, a glass of pills beside him, she had crashed in, destroyed the pills, and kissed him. The tears running down her cheeks, so her kiss tasted salt. "I hate you so much," she had mumbled, "and if you ever try to do that again, I will kill you. You must never leave me. You shall be mine." And when he had asked her about the other boy, she had almost slapped him.

"I will only say this once. But I love you"

They lied down. He was by her side, and she was by his. "Why do we love each other?" "I don't like you, I think you're a psyko who can't see his own emotions, though they're right infront of you" She looked at him. "And I don't like you. You hate that you love me, and hate you can't move on. Why do I always forgive you? Why do I let you hurt me?" 

She looked at him, there was only love around them. "Why do we love each other?" she asked, with so much love in her voice, it could build a hole new world.         

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