this is about a boy who is not given any parental guidance in his life and he grew up without the knowing to understand the real nature of people around him and this leads to lot of difficulties in his life.


1. towards unknown destination

                  It ws getting darker when the van with their belongings left the samll village.Their dog Jimmy ran after the van for five kilometers.Its playmate bommy was killed by some envious neighbours.The van stopped midway.some drunken man was lying in the road.the van driver cursed him and slowly he moved and the van again started towards the railway station.The boy Ramesh did not know where they are going, why they are leaving their village home with its beautiful garden, pond, temple etc.He was curious on seeing the railway station.he started asking questions which his mother answered patiently eventhough she was very much worried how her children's life would take shape in the distant sattur where her distant relative lives and she after losing her husband suddenly has to go..

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