Teacher (BieberLoveStory)

The name is (YourName).
(YN) starts falling in love with the new teacher, called Justin Bieber.
Justin also start falling in love with (YN), and a day when Justin invites (YN) over, something happened!
Is this good or bad?
Found out, and read the story. (:


4. Chapther 4.


Skip to Friday.


I got out of the shower & styled my hair.

I threw this on; http://weheartit.com/entry/17330685I

applied some makeup & went downstairs.

It was quiet so I assume everyone left already.

I grabbed my schoolbag & drove to school.

I looked at my phone, shit! im gonna be late. -.-

I ran into school & packed all of my books & ran into Mr.bieber's class.

Justin; "Rose, Your late. See me after class"

What's his problem?

I rolled my eyes & sat down.

I harldy payed attention, I guess today wasnt my day


The bell rang & everyone left besides me, hopefully he wont give me a detention(: 

He closed the door & I walked up to his desk.

Justin; " I'm not gonna give you a detention, but give me your number?(; "

I sighed in relief.

Rose; "Thanks, & fine, I guess."

I didnt want to be mean so I wrote down my number & passed it to him.

I left his classroom & went to my next class, Science.

Mr. Alstein; " Rose, where were you?" 

Mr. Alstein asked, he's a weirdo, lmao.

Rose; "I had to ask mr.Bieber a question. Sorry."

I sat down next to Stephanie, and Mr.Alstein started to explain the experiment.

Stephanie; "What'd he want?"

Rose; "Nothing.."

She rolled her eyes & looked at the teacher.

She's been this way since Tuesday.

Whatever, I dont have time for this.


I went to my other classes & then lunch.

Stephanie was too busy making out with her boyfriend, than paying attention to me.

I really dont wanna go to this "double date" thingy tonight.

I'll fake sick(; 

I started to "cough & sneeze" They looked at me confused.

Rose; "Im not feeling soo well."

Stephanie; "Then dont come tonight. Stay home."

Stephanie said, snobby.

Rose; "Good idea."

I got up & walked to my locker to change books. 

Honestly, did I do something wrong to her?

I dont care anyways, she should get a grip.

I went to my last two classes & then went home.


Justins POV

I grabbed my bags & walked out of my classroom.

Principal Florence; "Oh hello Justin!"

I turned around & saw Principal Florence.

Justin; "Hi."

Principal Florence; "How are you enjoying you job here?"

Justin; "Its really great, thanks for asking sir."

Principal Florence; "Glad your enjoying it, see you Monday."

I nodded & left.

I got into my car & drove to my apartment.


I parked my car in the parkinglot & went up to my apartment.

I unlocked the door & set my bags down, I changed into some more comfortable clothes & sat on my couch.

I turned on the TV & put Rose's number into my phone.

It's 7 o'clock on a Friday & im home.. grading papers, fun. -.- 

I decided to call Rose, its worth a risk.

Rose; "Hello?"

Ah her sweet voice ;x

Justin; "Rose? It's me.."

Rose; "Oh hi, Trevor. Hold on."

Trevor? wtf?

Rose; "Sorry, Hi Justin. My mom & brother were leaving."

Justin; "Oh, haha. So your all alone?"

Rose; "Yep, why?"

Justin; "Wanna come over?"

Rose; "Im just your student, your sure, you want me over there?"

Justin; "Yeah, im bored. You seem interesting.."

Rose; "Hm, where do you live? I'll walk."

Justin; "It's quite far.. I could always pick you up?"

Rose; "What if someone sees?"

Justin; "I'll come in shade & a hat. Whats your address?"

Rose; "5678 Mapple Rd."

Justin; "Alrighty, see you soon"

I hungup & went to my car & drove to her house.


End of POV


In all honesty, I like Justin..alot.

I slipped on my converse, I heard a honk so I walked outside & went into his car.

Rose; "Hi, thanks for picking me up"

Justin; "Oh no problem, I was dying of boredum."

I giggled & he started to drive.


We got infront of this apartment building, it was really nice(:

We went up to his room, he unlocked the door & we walked in.

Rose; "Nice place, you live on your own?"

Justin; "Yeah, I moved out once I finished college"

Rose; "Cool"

I smiled & sat down on his couch, he sat next to me.

Justin; "Wanna re-take that test?"

Rose; "Sure"

He handed me a testpaper & I started to fill out things.

Justin; "Wanna get an easy 1OO?"

Rose; "Ha, yes.."

Justin; "I'll just put it in my book,give me that."

I smiled wide & handed him the test.

Rose; "Thanks Justin"

Justin; "Not a problem"

He bit his lip & looked into my eyes, he started to lean in more & more, until our lips met.

The kiss got rougher, and he leaned against my body, pushing me down.

Our lips were moving in perfect sync.

He clapped his hands & the lights dimmed & the shades went down.

He smirked & pulled off his shirt.

I bit my lip & wrapped my arms around his neck.

He unzipped my jacket & threw it on the ground, then he started to lift up my shirt. 

I didnt really care if this was wrong at the moment, but then the thoughts hit me..

What if he's married? And if he is, what if his wife runs in?

What if someone's watching us? What if... was all that was in my mind.

He pulled away,

Justin; "Something wrong baby?"

I liked the sound of that, but I shook my head.

Rose; "Im just your student, Justin, I cant do this"

Justin; "Sure you can! I know our feelings are mutual, nobody will find out. It'll be our dirty little secret."

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