Teacher (BieberLoveStory)

The name is (YourName).
(YN) starts falling in love with the new teacher, called Justin Bieber.
Justin also start falling in love with (YN), and a day when Justin invites (YN) over, something happened!
Is this good or bad?
Found out, and read the story. (:


9. Chapter 9.

It's been a week since I've last seen Justin..
I MISS him, I mean we talked on the phone twice this week but that was all.
He said on Thursday that he would be back Monday, well thats today(:
I hope to see him..
I straightened my hair & threw this on; http://weheartit.com/entry/17632855/in-set/852249-clothes
I went downstairs, & went to school.

Justins POV
I started to write some problems onto the board, until I heard the classroom door open.
I heard "please be here" & then i turned around, I knew exactly who it was(:
(YN): "YES!"
She closed the door & ran to me. 
She kissed my cheek & giggled.
Justin: " We dont wanna get caught so at normal at school.."
(YN): "Oh, uh yeah.."
I heard disappointment in her voice, but I didnt want to loose my job.
She grabbed her schoolbag & started to walk to the door.
Justin: "(YN), wait.. close the door."
She closed the door & looked at me.
Justin: "What are you doing tonight?"
(YN): "Studying for english.."
Justin: "I could help you?"
(YN): "I can do it on my own, thanks though"
Justin: "Well how about the rest for the week?"
(YN): "I have volleyball on Tuesday, then I have to work on my project with Charles on Wednesday, Thursday I have to watch my brother, and then Friday, I have this thing with Stephanie"
Justin: "Busy week, how about Saturday?"
I wanted to spend time with her before I tell her anything.
(YN): "I'll see if I can do anything"
Justin:"Alright, Come here at 2:4O?"
(YN): "Sure, see you later.."
She left & I sat down at my desk looking through some papers.
End of POV

It's just soo hard dating him.. Nobody knows besides myself..
I cant even tell Stephanie, and I NEVER hide things from her..
I sighed & copied down the notes on the board.
And to make today worse, the schedules changed, & I only see Justin on Fridays..
Ugh, I hate this school, I wish I was 21 like him so we could date without a problem.
The bell rang & everyone went to lunch.
I picked at my food, this food is nasty. -_-
Steph: "Whats your problem?"
(YN): "Oh nothing.."
Steph: "Are yous till up for Friday? Marc really wants to meet you."
(YN): "Yep, Im still up for it."
Steph: "Good, he's really cute, you wont wanna miss this."
I laughed & she took a fri from my dish.
(YN): "Want them? Im not hungry today"
Steph: "Alright, but are you okay? You hardly eat anymore.."
She took my tray & started to eat.
(YN): "Im fine, Im just not hungry anymore. Dont worry"
I smiled to support my answer.
(YN): "So wheres Hayden?"
I asked looking around.
Steph: "With his football buddies"
She rolled her eyes & pointed at the table he was sitting at.
(YN): "Well he cant always be with you."
Steph: "But he's AlWAYS with them! He didnt even call me once this weekend!" 
(YN): "Join the club"
Steph: "But you dont have a boyfriend?"
I shook my head, ugh that was close.
(YN): "Oh its with this guy I like, Jake.."
Steph: "Ah, he goes here?"
She said smiling hugely.
(YN): "No, he lives in.. France"
Steph: "How'd you meet him?"
(YN): "Pen Pal.. yep"
The bell rang, thankgod. 
Im a horrible liar, I got up & went to my locker.
I packed my books & went to my last 3 classes.


Justin wanted to see me at 2:4O, so I went to his classroom, I was a few minutes late but whatever.
Everyone left school by now, so I guess thats whys he wanted to see me.
(YN): "You wanted to see me?"
I said while closing the classroom door. It was pretty dark in the room too.
The blinds were down & the lights were off, urmm..
Justin: "Yeah, dont mind the darkness.. I just have a massive headache."
(YN): "Oh. So, what's you want me to come here for?"
He got up from his chair & locked the classroom door.
He wrapped his arms around my waist & kissed my neck.
(YN): "N-not here"
I bit my lip & felt chills going down my skin.
Justin: "Why not baby? Nobodys here, its just me & you"
His hands rubbed my thighs.. 
(YN): "Just stop, please"
He sighed & turned on the lights.

Justin: "Fine, go home."
(YN): "Seriously? Your gonnna get mad because I dont wanna do anything at shool?"
I rolled my eyes & grabbed my bag & walked out.



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