Teacher (BieberLoveStory)

The name is (YourName).
(YN) starts falling in love with the new teacher, called Justin Bieber.
Justin also start falling in love with (YN), and a day when Justin invites (YN) over, something happened!
Is this good or bad?
Found out, and read the story. (:


7. Chapter 7.

Fridayyy ;D

I dragged myself out of bed & went into my bathroom.
I took a shower & looked in the mirror.
What am I doing? Im gonna show this asshole what he's missing..
I did my hair like this; http://weheartit.com/entry/16432726/in-set/852238-hair
I applied some makeup & got dressed into this; http://weheartit.com/entry/16379960/in-set/852249-clothes
I slipped on my shoes & went to school.
Todays gonna be a good day, plus its Friday.

I walked into school & packed my books.
I walked into his classroom & sat down.
Justin: "You're early.."
He said & walked over to my desk.
(YN): "Oh I am?"
He nodded, & smirked.
(YN): "Dont get any ideas, you have my mom now, remember?"
Justin: "Baby, that was a little thing, cant you just forget about it?"
(YN): "No, you had sex with my mother"
Justin: "I didnt, after you came, I stopped her."
(YN): "Like that makes me feel any better?"
Justin: "It should, I was suppossed to go out with you mother tonight but she canceled. How about you come over?"
(YN): "Thats disgusting, and hm.. fine. What would we be doing?"
Justin: "Anything you want, babe"
I rolled my eyes & a bunch of students came pouring in..
He winked at me & started to teach.
Now we're in Science class, Im lab partners with Steph(:
But we both dont know what we're doing.. but lets pray that it all works(;
(YN): "You have to add the blue stuff, not that retard!"
I whispered to Stephanie.
Stephanie: "But.. I like the pink powder better"
I giggled & she put in the pink powder.
Stephanie: "Whats the worst thing that could happen?"
(YN): "Yo- NO LOOK!"
The liquid started to overflow & I couldnt help but laugh.
Teacher: " Girls, go to the office.. NOW"
We grabbed our stuff & left the classroom. 
We both sat o the bench outside of the principals office.
Justin: "Why are you two here?"
I looked up & there was Justin(; 
Stephanie: "Oh can you get us out of here Mr.Bieber? Its last period & we dont wanna be here until 4!"
Stephanie begged, & I giggled. Shes so desperate.
Justin: "Fine, I'll just say that I gave you detention instead. Go home guys"
We both said & went home.
Mom: "(YN), hun. Im going out with some friends. You can go to your friends house if you want"
(YN):"Alright, bye"
She left & I texted Justin.

(YN): "My mom left, can you pick me up?"
Justin: "Sure, 5 minutes k?"
(YN): "Alright"

I honestly dont know why im doing this, if i hate him..
but half of me loves him..

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