Teacher (BieberLoveStory)

The name is (YourName).
(YN) starts falling in love with the new teacher, called Justin Bieber.
Justin also start falling in love with (YN), and a day when Justin invites (YN) over, something happened!
Is this good or bad?
Found out, and read the story. (:


6. Chapter 6.

I did my hair like this; http://weheartit.com/entry/15771581/in-set/852238-hair (without that thingy)
I got dressed into this; http://weheartit.com/entry/16379744/in-set/852249-clothes
I slipped on my flats & did my makeup.
I went downstairs & grabbed my schoolbag & phone & drove to school.
"Hayden: Hey (YN), have you seen Stephanie?"
Hayden asked me.
(YN): "No? Have you?"
"Hayden:  No, maybe shes in class?"
I shrugged, and We walked into Justin's classroom.
You- Nope, she's not here.. 
I sat down & Justin smiled at me.
I pulled out my phone & texted Stephanie, 


(YN): "Hey, where are you?"
Stephanie: "Sick."
(YN): "You sure about that?"
Stephanie: "Ugh c'mon (YN), you know i wouldnt miss a day of starring at Mr. Bieber."
(YN): "Ha, i dont see what you see in him-.-"

I giggled & Justin walked over to me.
Justin: "Hadn it over Miss (YN)"
I handed him my phone & he brought it over to his desk.
Justin: "Class, do numbers 5- 3O right now"
He sat down & looked threw my phone, someones nosy..
The bell rang.
Justin: "Finish that for homework, and (YN) stay for a minute"
Everyone left & I walked up to his desk.
He closed the door & walked over to me.
Justin: "So you dont think im hot?"
He kissed my neck..
(YN): "Ofcourse I do, but not here. I have a test, I really have to go"
Justin; "Wait, but when can we hangout again? I really enjoyed that night."
(YN): "Whenever my mom leaves again, I'll let you know"
I grabbed my books & went to my next class. 


Skip School.
I dropped my schoolbag onto the ground & opened the fridge. 
I took out a bottle of water & drank.
Mom: "(YN), im going out; I wont be back until tmmr"
(YN): "Okay, bye mom"
She left & I grabbed my jacket. I'll go over to Justins(:
I waited ten minutes & then drove to his apartment.
I went up to the 7th floor & rang his doorbell.
The door swung open, I smiled.
(YN): "Suprise, wait, why are you just in your boxers?"
I giggled.
Justin: "Oh uh no reason"
(YN): "Can I come in?"
Justin: "Theres really nothing to do here.."
(YN): "So? Im lonely at home"
Someone: "Justin?"
A woman voice said.
(YN): "Justin, seriously, let me in!"
I squeezed past him & saw.. my mom laying on the couch.
Mom: "(YN)? Why are you here?!"
(YN): "Uh, I followed your car but why are you here? "
Mom: "I-im on a date.."
(YN): "Im leaving now, Goodbye."
I gave Justin a stare & walked out.
How could he?! I mean & he even did it with my mom..
Shes like 4O & he's 21, talk about nasty.
I shook my head in disgust & got out of my car. 
I went upstairs straight to my room & locked my door. 


Next Day
I got out of the shower & did my hair like this; http://weheartit.com/entry/17178060/in-set/852238-hair
I got dressed into this; http://weheartit.com/entry/16379745/in-set/852249-clothes
I put on alittle makeup & went to school. 

I was in no mood today, like honestly I wanna punch everyone in the face. 
I walked into his classroom, normall I would be like this; :D but im like this; x_x 


I sat down in my seat & put my head down. 
I slept threw his class ;D 
Not like he cared or whatever. 
The bell rang & everyone left.
I grabbed my books until I heard him-.-
Justin: "(YN) can I see you for a moment" 
(YN): "What do you want?"
Justin: "It wasnt what it looked like, I couldnt tell her no because im dating her daughter."
(YN): "You could've said you had a girlfriend, you didnt need to say who she was."
Justin: "Well I wasnt thinking.."
(YN): "Whatever, Im over it. Can you leave me alone and treat me like a student?"
Justin: "I cant do that."
(YN): "Why not? You have my mom now" 
I swear I felt so sick when I said that, I legit wanted to throw up.
I left & went on with my horrible day. .
Stephanie: "Whats wrong with you?"
Stephanie said, I looked down at my food.
(YN): "Uh.. bad cramps..yep"
Stephanie: "Wanna asprin?"
(YN): "No thanks, do you want these? Im not hungry."
Hayden: "I'll have em'!"
Hayden grabbed them from me & I mumbled 'fatass'.
Stephanie: "Oh Mr.Bieber looks sexy today"
Stephanie giggled & pointed at him. I rolled my eyes.
(YN): "You relaize your BOYFRIEND is right there"
Stephanie's bf: "Thankyou (YN)"
Stephanie: "Well sorry! Hes just..so irrisistable."
(YN): "Well he's taken"
Stephanie: "NOOO! BY WHO?!"
(YN): "My mom."
Stephanie: "EW! BUT YOUR MOM SHES SO-"
(YN): "I know. Not my problem anymore."
Justin: "Problem guys?"
Why does he have to bud in?! Like go away.
Stephanie: "Mr.Bieber? Are you single?"
Stephanie asked.
He chuckled & walked away..
(YN): "Wow Steph.."

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