Teacher (BieberLoveStory)

The name is (YourName).
(YN) starts falling in love with the new teacher, called Justin Bieber.
Justin also start falling in love with (YN), and a day when Justin invites (YN) over, something happened!
Is this good or bad?
Found out, and read the story. (:


23. Chapter 23. (and the last..)

I looked down at the ground
Jenna: "Baby? Whats the 
Jenna layed her head on my chest.
Justin: "N-nothing."
I swallowed hard,
Justin: "Why?" 

Jenna: "You're not even paying attention to the movie, and you're really quiet." 
Justin: "I'm fine."
She looked up at me,
Jenna: "You don't seem it." 

Justin: "Just drop it, okay?"
I rolled my eyes and she lifted her head from my chest and got up from the bed. 

Justin: "Where are you going?"
I sat up.
Jenna: "I know why your upset! Its all about that (YN) girl! Who is she Justin?!" 

She crossed her arms,
Justin: "She's just a friend, why do you think I'm mad about her?" 

Jenna: "I saw how you looked at her! You're cheating! Aren't you?!"
She grabbed her purse.

I stood quiet, I guess I was upset about (YN). Wishing she was here instead of Jenna..
Jenna: "Thought so, but whatever. I'm done."
Justin: "What do you mean your done?!" 

Jenna; "I'm done with you, go have fun with your other girl."
She left and slammed the door. 

I rolled my eyes and went into my bedroom. I wish I could call (YN), I dont have her number though :/ 
Unless its still the same? But I doubt it.. Worth a try though(; 
I grabbed my cell and dialed her number. It rang 4 times until I got an answer. 
(YN): "Hello?"
A low voice said.
Justin: "Is this (YN, YLN)?" 

(YN): "Yes, who is this?"
Justin: "Justin.." 

(YN): "Oh.."
It got quiet all of the sudden.
Justin: "Can we meet face to face?" 

(YN): "Come to my apartment. *random address* 
Justin: "Okay, see you-"
She hung up before I could finish. I put on my coat and drove to her apartment. 

I knocked on the door, and (YN) let me in.
(YN): "Hi." 

Justin: "Hi,"
I replied back. She closed the door and I took off my coat. I placed it on the hook next to hers and turned around and faced her.
(YN): "Why did you want 
to meet face to face?"
Justin: "I missed you.." 

She bit her lip,
(YN): "Oh."
She looked shocked..
Justin: "Did you miss me?" 

I walked closer to her, she looked into my eyes, I looked into her eyes too.

He moved in closer,
Justin: " Did you ever realize how beautiful you are?" 

I blushed and looked down, but he lifted my head up with his thumb.
Justin: "I know I've made your life complicated, but I loved us.. We're perfectly imperfect. I feel complete with you,"
He moved in even closer now.. 

Justin: "Don't you think so too?"
He looked at my lips.

Justin: "So I want to ask you something.."
(YN): "Go ahead.."
I whispered. 

Will you be mine again ? 
I slowly nodded, and a smile appeared on his face, he wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me softly. 
I missed those lips so badly, you have no idea. 
He slowly pulled away, and all the feelings came back. The sparks, butterflies, memories.everything

I looked into his honey brown eyes, and thought..
I cant believe I fell inlove with my high school math teacher


And that was all! I hope you enjoyed reading it, as much as I enjoyed writing this to you :) read my other story - 'Friends with benefits?'. I love you. <3

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