Teacher (BieberLoveStory)

The name is (YourName).
(YN) starts falling in love with the new teacher, called Justin Bieber.
Justin also start falling in love with (YN), and a day when Justin invites (YN) over, something happened!
Is this good or bad?
Found out, and read the story. (:


17. Chapter 17.

Justins POV
I sat on my couch and just thought.
What can I do to get her back? Or should I just leave her alone?
I know she's just one of my old students, but we had something special, and I threw it all away for one stupid mistake.
Even if we dont go out again, I wanna be there for her; She doesnt look alright.. 
I put my head in my hands, 
what can I do?
I felt my phone buzz, I pulled it out of my pocket. 
"Can I come over? Please.."
It was from (YN), I wouldnt think that she would want to come over, 
Justin: "Sure, need a ride?" 
(YN): "No, just open your door." 
I got up from the couch and went over to the door, I opened it and let her in.

Justin: "Why did you want to come here?"
I asked her looking confused, and closed the door.

(YN): "Im lonely at home, my moms out again, and I feel safe with you."
She looked at the floor and I slightly smiled, she feels safe with me(:

(YN): "Is it okay if I like sleep here? I brought my clothes.."
I nodded, and she sat down on the couch, I sat next to her.

Justin: "Can you promise me something?"
I said softly to her,
(YN): "Depends.."
She looked at me.

Justin: "Promise me, that you wont harm yourself again.."
She looked down, and didnt reply. Why is she so stubborn? 

Can't she just say yes?
Justin: "Please, (YN)."
Still no answer, I sighed.
Justin:  "Are you hungry? I was about to make something." 

(YN): "No, Im fine."
Is she not eating either? ;/
Justin: "You sure? I'll order some pizza?"
(YN): "No."
I sighed again and went into the kitchen and made myself cereal.

I wasnt so hungry anymore, this is making really worried, does her mother even know? Does anyone know ? 
It got really quiet, it felt sort of awkward, so I decided to brake the silence.
Justin; "Do you wanna take the bed? I'll sleep on the couch."
I suggested,
(YN): "Thanks, but no. I'll sleep on the couch."

Justin: "Alright, I'll get you some blankets and pillows,you can change in the bathroom."
She nodded and got off the couch.

I went to the closet and pulled out some blankets and two pillows for her, I placed them on the couch and waited for her to come into the room.
(YN): "Thanks..Justin."
She slightly smiled,
Justin; "Not a problem, I'll see you tomorrow."
She walked over to the couch and layed down, and I went into my bedroom. I layed down in my bed and tossed and turned, I couldnt sleep much.. I stoo asleep for ten miinutes and then woke up again.

I looked at the clock on the wall, it was only 12:3O, I sighed and got out of bed and went into the livingroom, (YN) was the only thing on my mind..
I looked at her sleeping peacefully, I saw her phone light blinking red, I went over to it and put in her password, she hasnt changed it..
I opened up her texts, all from numbers that werent saved on her phone. 
I scrolled threw them, they read: 
slut, bitch, whore, honestly why dont you fuck the whole school? 
Then some photo's of her, probably photoshopped...
Was this what she went threw, I mean I didnt think it was this bad. I heard a yawn, I dropped her phone,
(YN): "J-Justin?" 

Justin: "Um yeah?"
(YN): "Why were you going through my phone?"
She raised her eyebrow,
Justin: "No reason, I thought it was mine.." 

She's half asleep, she wont realize.
(YN): "Oh, okay."
She layed back down, I sighed in relief.
Justin: "Goodnight.." 

I went over to her and kissed her cheek, and went back to room.
End of POV

I felt the sun shining on my face, I sat up and yawned. 
This sofa was actually really comfty. I looked around the room, I guess Justin's still asleep? 
I shrugged and got up, I dont think he'll mid if I took a shower here? I grabbed my bag with clothes and went into the bathroom. 
I looked threw his bathroom drawers for an un-used toothbrush.. ah found one. I took it out of its package and brushed my teeth. 
I took a quck shower and then got dressed into the other outfit I packed, I put on my cardigan and tied my hair in a bun.
I walked out of the bathroom and went into the main area of the apartment.
Justin was in the kitchen eating, gosh im so hungry but im so used to throwing up that it'll come up anyways ;/ 
(YN): "Its alright that I took a shower here? Oh and I used that un-used toothbrush.." 
Justin: "Oh yeah, thats fine."
(YN): "Thanks for making me stay over.." 

Justin: "You can stay over whenever you want, just call me."
(YN): "Okay." 

He's being so sweet to me, I havent felt loved in so long.. 
(YN): "I should probably head home before my mother gets back, call me sometime, we should catch up."
He smiled, I walked over to him and kissed his cheek,
Justin: "Bye." 

I left his apartment and went home, maybe he's right.. we could work out again?

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