Teacher (BieberLoveStory)

The name is (YourName).
(YN) starts falling in love with the new teacher, called Justin Bieber.
Justin also start falling in love with (YN), and a day when Justin invites (YN) over, something happened!
Is this good or bad?
Found out, and read the story. (:


14. Chapter 14.

I did my morning routine and got dressed into this; http://weheartit.com/entry/8841149/via/elenamichellee
I put on these shoes; http://weheartit.com/entry/17043206/in-set/852218-shoes
My phone buzzed, it was Stephanie.
Steph: "Hey, are you at school yet?"
(YN): "No, why?"
Steph: "Pick me up, please?"
(YN): "Sure, 5 mins."
I put my phone in my bag and went to my car, i got in and drove to Stephanie's house.
Steph: "Thanks, my car wouldn't start."
She said while getting in, I started to drive to school.
(YN): "No problem."
Steph: "So how was it with Justin?"
(YN): "Fine, I guess.."
Steph: "You dont seem so happy, what happened?"
(YN): "Nothing, we just always have to hide.."
Steph: "Well thats what happens when your dating a teacher.."
I "shhh'd" her, and parked into any spot at school.
Steph: "Thanks again, I'll see you later."
(YN): "No biggie, bye."
We went into school and went to class.

After School.
I was going to the library to look for some things for my report.
I was looking through the bookshelf until I felt someones arms go around my waist.
I gasped and turned around.
Justin: "Sh, its just me, babe"
Justin said in a whisper.
He lifted up a book and covered our faces, he leaned in and kissed me. 
I pushed him away, what if someone saw?!
Justin: "What?"
He rolled his eyes, and I looked at him serious.
(YN): "Not here.."
I walked away from him, trying to act like nothing happened.
I just felt really paranoid today, this thing just made it worse.
I grabbed the book I needed and left.
Justin: "(YN), wait!"
Justin came after me, why is he doing this to me?
Justin: "Just call me, and tell me whatever you need, okay?"
I got into my car and drove home.. I walked into my house and my phone rang.
(YN): "Yes?"
Justin: "Are you mad at me?"
Justin asked, I could tell that he was upset.
I went up to my bedroom and closed the door.
(YN): "No.. I just dont know why you kissed me in public. What if someone saw?"
Justin: "Babe, I dont wanna hide anymore, Im not your teacher anymore, so there isnt a problem!"
(YN): "But people will think Im a slut.." 
Justin: "But your not. Dont worry so much, I bet nobody saw."
(YN): "I dont know.."
Justin: "Stop by my office tomorrow? I have to go."
(YN): "Okay, bye.."
Justin: "Bye, I love you."
(YN): "Love you too."
He hungup and I layed on my bed, worrying about tomorrow.

I got dressed into this; http://weheartit.com/entry/16907968/via/elenamichellee and went to school.
I parked my car in my usual spot, I recieved a text, two actually.
Steph: "Dont go into school, wait outside for me."
That was from Stephanie.. I felt my stomach turn, I opened the other text and saw this; 
I felt tears escape my eyes, goodbye good reputation, and hello being the new school slut.
Steph: "(YN)!"
Stephanie ran to me.
(YN): "Why me?!"
She handed me a tissue. 
Steph: "You have to go in sooner or later, c'mon we'll do it together."
I sighed and followed her into school, I felt everyones eyes on us, there was giggling and people whispering.
Someone: "Hey slut, call me up" 
One guy came up to me and said.
Steph: "Just ignore them, there all assholes."
Stephanie whispered to me and we got to our lockers.
Today, was horrible, I swear, I wanna die. Everyone besides Hayden and Stephanie think that Im a slut.
I dont know if Justin knows, but some teachers know since they excused me today since I was causing commotion(sp?).
I wonder if my mom knows, I prayed about 4367642 times for her not to know, if she knew, I wont be alive tomorrow.
I waited until everyone left the school and went to my car. 
I got in and drove home..
I parked my car in the drive way and went inside.
Mom: "(YN), come in the kitchen."
I took off my coat and threw my bag onto the floor.
(YN): "yeah?"
Mom: "Sit."
I sat in the seat across from me, she looked upset and mad.
She pushed her phone infront of me.
Mom: "Is this you? Do you realize whats going on?!"
(YN): "Y-yeah."
Mom: "Do you have an explanation?! He's you old math teacher! Your reputation is ruined!"
(YN): "Mom, do you even realize how hard it is for me?!"
Mom: "Well everyone knows my daughter as the school slut! How do you think I feel?! This actually makes you seem like one!"
I got up from my seat and grabbed my coat, "(YN)! Get back here!" My mother screamed out but I ignored her.
I cant believe my mom even called me a slut, I got into my car and drove to Justins apartment, maybe he'll make me feel better?
I got out of the elevator and walked to his door, it was unlocked for some reason..
I heard moaning, probably my imagination, I guess I was thinking too hard. 
I shook my head and walked inside, the moaning got louder and louder as I walked towards the bedroom door, I opened it slightly and saw.. you know. I dont wanna go into details, but you got the idea.
Justin: "(YN)! Wait!"
By this time I was crying my eyes out, and walking out, I just stood too strong today for too long.
He grabbed my arm and spun my around, (he was in boxers now..).
Justin: "Stop, its not what it looks like!"
(YN): "Not what it looks like?! Your cheating on me! I knew it. You ruined my life, now Im known as the school slut because of you."
Justin: "Babe, no, that means nothing, you mean everything."
(YN): "Im not your babe, leave me alone. I hate you!"
I pulled away from him and ran out..

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