Teacher (BieberLoveStory)

The name is (YourName).
(YN) starts falling in love with the new teacher, called Justin Bieber.
Justin also start falling in love with (YN), and a day when Justin invites (YN) over, something happened!
Is this good or bad?
Found out, and read the story. (:


12. Chapter 12.

I got dressed into this; http://weheartit.com/entry/14555582/via/elenamichellee
and straightened my hair, I didnt really wanna go to school today; You know those moods.
I dragged myself downstairs and grabbed my schoolbag.
Mom: "Bye hun."
(YN): "Oh, bye mom. Your not going to work today?"
Mom; "No, I have this counselor thing at noon."
(YN): "Oh, alright. I'll be home the usual time. Bye."
I walked to school today, I dont know why, I was just in the walking mood.
I wonder if Steph's still mad at me for ditching on Friday.. She seemed pretty pissed on Friday.
I walked into school and went to my locker, I'll see her in homeroom.
I told you about my schedules changing right? Ya, I dont see Justin until Friday.
But soon, I wont see him here at all.. I put all of my books into my schoolbag and went into homeroom. 
Which was Science, oh how I HATE Science, it should seriously be banned. ;D
I walked to my seat, Stephanie was already in there. 
Steph: "Hey."
She whispered while I opened my notebook and wrote the date.
(YN): "Hi."
Steph: "How was your thing on Friday?"
I forgot what I even told her I was doing, so I just nodded and smiled.
Steph: "Marc, was dissapointed.. you should seriously come next time! I was stuck with two guys."
(YN): "Next time, dont worry.."
I felt my phone buzz, I pulled it out and opened the text.

Afterschool today, come to my classroom, I needa talk to you ;) -Justin.
I heard Stephanie gasp, I forgot she was looking. I sighed.
Steph: "Is that who I think that is?"
I slowly nodded and added "Yeah, but you cant tell anyone! Promise?"
I stuck out my pinky and we "pinky sweared." Yes, we still do that. 
Steph: "I cant believe it though!"
(YN): "Just dont make a big deal.."
Steph: "I wont, I'll keep it to myself, so you were with him on Friday?"
(YN): "Yeah.. I met his parents."
(YN): "Shh!" 
I rolled my eyes and looked down at my book.
Steph: "Eeep! Thats so cute!"
She giggled, and the teacher came up to us.
Teacher: "Ladies, sh, and pay attention!"
He spat at us and we continued our work. He's a creep x] 
The bell rang and I went on with my day..
Justins POV
I glanced at the clock in my classroom, it was 2:4O, (YN) should be here soon(:
I closed the blinds, since I was leaving right after we talked.
(YN): "Hey"
I turned around and smiled, (YN) shut the door and hugged me.
(YN): "How was your day?"
She asked sweetly, I looked down at her.
Justin: "Good, yours?"
(YN): "Great, um if I tell you this, will you be mad?"
Justin: "Well it depends but try me."
I sat on the edge of my desk and (YN) began to explain..
(YN): "Well today Stephanie saw the text you sent me, and she found out about me and you.."
Justin: "But babe, you said we werent going to tell anyone!"
(YN): "Its just Stephanie, relax babe. I really have to go, call me later?"
Justin: "Alright, Alright. Bye."
She grabbed her bag and left the room, I grabbed my things and then left too.
I drove home and went up to my apartment, I wish (YN) was here right now, so we could cuddle or something(:
End of POV
I did my homework, I legit spent 4 hours on this.
I just had SO much.-.-
I put my books away and went upstairs to my room, I looked at the clock, ugh its already 8..
I sighed and went on Facebook. Nothing new, so I checked my tumblr.
Ah, just another Monday night on Tumblr..
I giggled to myself, I was interrupted from my phone vibrating.
Justin: "Hey, whatcha doing?"
It was from Justin(: 
(YN): "On Tumblr, you?"
Justin: "TV, whats a Tumblr?"
I giggled, how does he not know what a tumblr is?
(YN): "Blogging site, how do you not know that?"
Justin: "Guess I dont go onto the computer as much as you, can I call you?"
(YN): "Sure, wait, do you have Skype?"
Justin: "Yeah, why?"
(YN): "Add me ; *random skype name*, then call me on there(:" 
Justin: "Ah alright."
I logged onto Skype and got the invitation, I called Justin there.
(YN): "Hi"
I said and smiled, his hair looks cute messy(; 
I giggled, and he said  "Whats so funny baby?"

(YN): "Nothing, I just remembered something, so what'd you need to tell me?"

Justin: "For the holidays, like Christmas, my family goes away on this trip to the Bahamas, would you want to come? I want you to meet my brother and sister, and my grandparents."
(YN): "I dont know.."
Justin: "Please! The trip is from December 26-31."
(YN): "What do I tell my parents?"
Justin: "Say its a trip that Im throwing, since im teaching History at that college."
(YN): "Will that work?"
Justin: "I'll convince your mom, she likes me"
He smirked, "Fine, You'll ask her though."
Justin; "Mmm, okay. Get some rest, night."
(YN): "Goodnight, love ya(:"
Justin: "Love you too"
I blew him a kiss and shut my computer off and went to shleeepys.


comment your skype names and i'll add you ;D haha

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