The School Trip


1. The bus journey

Issac Hayes was ready for his first day of school in New York City, he was nervous but he carried his lucky charm with him so nothing to bad could happen. He waited outside for the school bus, down the street he saw the yellow bus full of screaming kids, what did he expect? The bus drove up to me and I heard voices like "Oh my god do you think the new boy lives here?" "I hope he's cute people in our class our weird" etc.  He walked in slowly trying not to be nervous and found a seat, next to me was a very short boy that looked like he had shaved himself bald. " Hey! Do you like Miley Cyrus? Are you a Belieber?" Asked the short boy passionately, Issac answered " No" and he heard a huge relief from the others in the bus. The boys name was Jamie, and it seemed like throughout the bus journey, he thought issac was his best friend.     

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