Princess Turned Knight


1. Prologue

In a deep wood called Devil Fire there is a small town completely surrounded by the wood. This town is called Greendale, it is small and neat, full of merry people and small gardens in front of every well kept cottage. In the center of Greendale is a castle they call Mixed. Mixed is made of the whites and blackest stones people could find, Mixed was complete with towers topped by checkered black and white flages and a large garden below full of black and white rose bushes.

     If you were to enter the castle, which would be easy as the guards are kind and trusting, you would enter the wonderful  dwelling of the magnificient King Belend and the humble Queen Kristina. There are a great many corridors and stairways that you could explore, but one corridor which ended in a drab staircase led to a room which if you being curious entered, you would find a nice, well lit-room with a small bed and a chest and the foot of it. You, already  proven to be a curious peorson by entering the room could not help by walk up to the chest and slowly open it. And here in this chest, you would find the last thing you ever expected to find. Thus starts our story in a chest, which was in a room up a drad staircase and down a plain corrdoir, in the castle called Mixed in a town called Greendale, surrounded by a deep wood called Devils Fire, her is where our story would began as you pick up the small baby girl and carry her out the room, and head towards the queens chambers.

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