Princess Turned Knight


3. Chapter Two: Advice

Reyna was out studing wildlife with her tutor, lucky, for I wished to run up to her room and tell her everything. I threw myself down on my my bed, my purple and green comforter lifted up and settled around me. A few feathers floated around me as a snatched one of my goose down pillows and buried my face in it. "Tut tut Princess." My head flew up angrily.

"No more studies today Mistress Peprin!" I said mad that she thought I would continue my lessons.  

"I'm not here for studies." She said coming and sitting on the side of my bed smoothing the comforter. "I'm here to help..." she hesitated. "...hopefully." I flopped my head back down. "I know you want the Prince rescued right?" She questioned and I nodded. "And there are no knights to do this?" I shook my head.  

"They are all to afraid!" I said into the pillow.  

"So what would you be willing to risk?" She pushed. I thought about this one. What would I be willing to risk? What did she mean? What could I possibly do? I didn't know how to fight, for women shouldn't fight, I didn't know enough Elvin to get elves to aid me if I were to venture into Devils Fire Woods to try to help Daniel, and I had never gone into the woods, I wouldn't be able to find the dragons!  

 "Anything, but theres nothing I can do!" I said sitting up and hanging my head.  

 "Or is there Princess?" She said looking at me. "I think that if you want to save him bad enough you will find away." She stood up and looked at me.  

 "But all I have is my bow!" I was good at archery and said to be the best because of my magic quiver of arrows. My quiver always refilled it self when it was empty.  

 "Use it." She said and walked out.     

  I sat and though about what she had said for a while before rising up and going to my chest at the foot of my bed. I pulled out my bow and arrows, which were wrapped in the cloth that kept their magic. I layed them down on my bed and stared at them for a moment befor walking back to my truck and beagain to pack a bag. I packed my bow and arrow first not forgetting the magic cloth, then a change of clothing. After I had the clothing and wepons organized in the bag I went downstairs to get food from the kitchens and a supply of water.

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