Princess Turned Knight


2. Chapter One: Secrets and Misfortune

 "Annaleea!" My mother called out from the throne room, "Do come here dear! Your father and I have a important matter to discuss with you!" I sighed and set down my embroidery relived for an excuse to leave the watchful eye of Mistress Peprin my tutor for home studies. I stood up, and stumbled as Mistress tutted and mumble about princess needing grace or some other nonsense. I smiled at her, as society manners says a princess must smile at every one, and left the room. I walked down the corridor, with its plush black carpets and its bright white walls, towards the throne room.

   "Mother, Father." I said smiling kissing my father's fair cheeks, then my mother's dark ones, then stepping back.  "You wished to speak with me?" I asked blowing a lock of hair from where it had fallen in front of my face.

   "Annaleea. Don't blow your hair such! Tuck it back up it to its' bun as proper please." My mother asked kindly. I grabbed the lock of dark brown hair and tucked it into the bun as she wished, then my father started speaking.

   "Annaleea we have something very important to tell you about Reyna." My father said referring to my younger sister. Reyna was a different, she had long ebony hair and almond shaped eyes I would kill to have.  "When you were four, a maid was cleaning a room, a room no one ever went in, a room we hardly knew was there. In the room the maid opened a chest and there was a baby girl lying in black and white cloth, with black hair and white skin and your mother and I knew she was meant to live here at Mixed."

   I processed what he was saying slowly...why had my mother put Reyna in a chest? Then I got it. "You mean Reyna's not my real sister? Or your real child?!" I said backing away as surprised and hurt that they never told me as if it had been me found in the chest. "Does Reyna know?" I asked my voice breaking, I loved my little sister and to find out she wasn't blood, wasn't even royalty was heartbreaking.

       "No, she doesn't and you can't tell her, or anyone for that matter." My mother said sternly. I looked at them tears in my eyes wondering how could they be so cruel? To trick Reyna like this, to let her believe that they were her parents?

   " She's right Annaleea no word of this to..." My father was cut off my a messenger that ran into the room. "What is it Ronald?" He asked the breathless messenger, rising from his throne.

 "Sire!" Ronald breathed out. "Sire! Prince Daniel of Orangewood has asked for your daughters hand in marriage!" He spluttered out. I didn't see why the messenger was so breathless over this, was I really such a horrible choice?

" That's wonderful!" My mother said standing up beaming proudly. " We will have the ceremony arranged at once!" She said happily . The messenger shook his head franticly from left to right.

 "No Your Highness! There will be no ceremony, for there will me no marriage! The Prince has been taking by the dragons of Devils Fire Woods!  We have talked to the elves whom used there magic to get close to the dragons lair, they say he's alive but they have locked him up! No knight is brave enough to rescue him!" Ronald spluttered out. I was shocked, first Reyna, now Prince Daniel! A fond childhood friend, taken by the Dragons!

   "Is there no knights brave enough? Are they completely sure?!" I demanded an answer. Ronald looked shocked as if he hadn't known I was in the room.

 "No, Princess there are no knights brave enough, we have asked everyone! No one wants to risk the dragons fury." He said bowing his head. I looked from my mother to my father whom with sad expressions had sat back down upon there golden thrones. They weren't going to do anything! They were going to leave Daniel to rot with the dragons just as they had lied to Reyna for years! I shook my head and ran from the room.





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